Always a bigger fish

Alexa revised their ranking system again. Data is now limited to the last six months.

I thought I’d look up my website.

Tagged vs. competitors
Tagged’s traffic (in blue) vs. similar popular social networks: friendster, bebo, and orkut. I got the list of competitors from TradeVibes, excepting Facebook (too large), and Piczo.

As you can see, even in the last six months, we seem to be growing in the face of a declining social networking trend. That’s no surprise. we were the fastest growing social network in the United States last year in all categories (by percentage).

That’s good. But let’s look at the big boys.

Tagged vs. big boys
Tagged vs. the largest social networks. Technically Tagged is larger than hi5 in the U.S. (Nielsen NetRatings: 3rd in users/day, time spent/user, and ad market share). This is worldwide marketshare. Not that I can hold a grudge, hi5 was incubated out of the same offices as Tagged—long before I joined it.

Hmm, not even close (remember the graph is logarithmic). Well, at least with 19 places in the last three months, we’re still growing fast right?

Twitter comes out of nowhere.
What about Twitter? The rank for Twitter is Yesterday: #49; 7 day average: #51, 1 month average: #63, 3 month average: #93, 3 month change: -491(!)

There’s always a bigger fish. Congrats, Twitter. 🙂

My first R rated movie

Me: I’m an innocent.

Mager: I believe you are secretly not innocent.

Me: I have gaps.
Me: Hmm… I should blog that.

Maybe I should have saved this for a Seven Things post, but my first R-rated movie was Quest for Fire. I saw it with my mom.

Here’s what happened.

My dad felt that it would be okay if my brother saw an R-rated movie for his birthday party, but there was no way C—’s mom would allow C— to see Porky’s. But, somehow Quest for Fire was okay because it was “an art film.” My mom had to chaperone my-brother’s-friends-whose parents-weren’t-cool-enough-to-let-them-see-Porky’s… and me.

My brother finally did catch my first R-rated movie in cable when he was in college. Of course he was shocked because Quest for Fire puts Porky’s to shame.

When he recounted that observation to my parents, I added, “I remember seeing that. I hated it because there was no speaking, only grunting.”

“Haha! You were like nine!”

“That was a horrible movie!” Mom rejoined, “I had to put my hand in front of Terry’s eyes for nearly thing. And he kept shouting, ‘Mommy, mommy are they done pumping yet?’ The whole theatre could hear it. I was so embarrassed.”

Ahh! Quest for Fire—one of those movies that makes you wonder What the fuck was MPAA ratings board was smoking at that night?

Quest for Fire in Hulu
Kid Tested, NotNSFW! Watch the movie. Jean-Jacques Annaud lays the smack down on the pr0n industry when he gets rid of the dialog entirely.

Microsoft’s answer to Ellen Feiss

A continuation of my Why WROX failed theory:

Last week…

Me: Lauren is a cheap ass. 😀

“I’m a P.C.” sounds like the person has bladder control issues. “I’m just not cool enough to be a Mac person” is so much better.

M—: Oh yeah, I saw that yesterday… It’s a good commercial though. 🙂

Me: Only because she’s a redhead.
Me: Admit it.

M—: Haha.

The beauty of this ad is that finally Microsoft hits the right buttons in these politically divisive and tough economic times.

Too bad there’s no mention of Microsoft products. Seems like HP should be airing this.

Ahh… good times

Bailout redux

A continuation of my article one year ago on the bailout:

But in the late Nineties, a few years before Cassano took over AIGFP, all that changed. The Democrats, tired of getting slaughtered in the fundraising arena by Republicans, decided to throw off their old reliance on unions and interest groups and become more “business-friendly.” Wall Street responded by flooding Washington with money, buying allies in both parties.
—Mark Taibbi for Rolling Stone

Paul Krugman and Obama never will see eye to eye on economics. Liberals are not the same, and Obama’s people comes from the Chicago school—the part that was the mess Clinton made, not other half of the Chicago school that made the mess than Bush and Reagan created. No matter which administration it was under, this school of thought has held the econo-political power for the last thirty years in this country.

Given that, I find that the fact that Krugman says “this budget looks very, very good” very positive. The other shoe finally dropped, and Paul Krugman continued articles against the bailout plan is now engendering attacks on the blogs from the right and left.

But I find some of the reactions truly atrocious. Here is one example:

Does Krugman, or any of these media monkeys jabbering their opinions on the administration’s plan to resolve the biggest crises facing our nation since the Great Depression, have access to the inner circles and behind doors meetings regarding what’s really happening in the financial industry?
passerby on Balloon Juice

Careful there. You’re starting to sound exactly like some administration official that assured us that if we didn’t invade Iraq, “the smoking gun would be a mushroom cloud.” and we didn’t have the information they had to argue that the all those brains in the Pentagon wasn’t preparing for the aftermath of that war.

Obama was supposed to (and I believe is honestly trying) to usher a new era of transparency. But the amount of transparency he’s given us here so far has told nearly every economist worth their salt that the bailout plan has a good chance of being a very costly ineffectiveness.

Why not address those valid criticism without resorting to “trust us”?

Continue reading about Arguing from the left after the jump.


E-mail from a high school classmate:

Pretty crazy that our class has gotten it together enough to navigate through facebook. But something tells me you’d run circles around us all!

I doubt I’d run circles around anyone.

I probably could if you young ‘uns in the tech world didn’t keep stealing my walker. Did you know when I was a kid, I had to dial a phone to use the internet? And I had to push my bits through the line static uphill both ways.


The origin of my affinity with Asian culture, which is frankly superior

Reading a friend’s blog via vanity feed, I thought…

Whee! Me!

I don’t know how many times I’ve successfully argued a woman into dating me. Let me think about it…

I guess I’ll have to go with “None.”

I don’t know why I have bad luck. I’m very intelligent, I’m great in bed, I make great money. Believe it or not, I’m a complete catch. 🙁

Perhaps I need to be a little on the chubby side?

ladies of the internet
Clearly I need this t-shirt

Don’t worry, Ladies of the Internet (pref. Nihonese), I’ll wait while you look up passive-aggressive personality disorder. 😀

(Thanks to Andrei for alighting me to these gems over the past year, his kevorka notithstanding.)