Vampire Power

Since I’ve been doing a lot of traveling these last couple months (Amsterdam, Chicago, Portland, and Providence) I have been shutting everything down and unplugging it from the wall. My power bill has taken a noticeable dip. The main reason is because of Vampire Power which sounds like a rejected Marvel super hero, but it is actually the power that is drawn from the wall socket when your device is OFF but plugged in. For instance, did you know that when a Mac is in sleep mode it uses 6 watts, but when it is off, it uses 2 watts? When you are someone who is almost never home, this adds up in relieving the stress of worrying about waste usage.

I decided I should do a solution to turn off my multimedia speakers when my computer is off and deal with the 300W subwoofers in my new speakers. I’m sure you’re following me. But a cursory net search yielded the blunt reality that green has become the new black—so popular that I just don’t have time to wade through all the information out there just to save a few dollars/month on my power bill.

So I sent an e-mail to someone in my address book who might know the answer without a thought:

He sent back this tutorial. It is a simple article to follow: start with a electricity usage monitor (or if you have money and style) and progress to to some SmartStrips—too bad you can’t find these anymore. I can only hope that people with real design skills can design these power strips and plugs so that they don’t look like ass. One can hope.

Another thing Frank sent me was this reference database of standby power usage. It’s a nice read.

(I also ran into an article in the Chronicle about the first home in Northen California to win a LEED-H Platinum rating. Cool.)

I thought that I’d share those links with you.

Drupal Engineer

A friend’s client is looking for a Drupal engineer.

Company: Stealth mode
Job Title: Drupal Engineer
Description: Drupal engineer needed for stealth mode company founded by serial entrepreneur in NYC

The candidate must be in the US. The position reports to Project Manager and CEO via weekly conference calls.

Must haves:

  • Drupal 5.9 experience
  • Solid experience utilizing views, organic groups and PHP
  • Verifiable references
  • At least 5 years of experience

This is a contract position which may turn into a full time role as the company grows.

Please send resumes to me directly at lili [dot] balfour [at] atelierpartners [dot] com

Two shoes

I have a friend who loves Sex and the City and recently moved into San Francisco. “Glad to hear you’re enjoying ‘the City.’ Now on to the ‘Sex and…’ part :-D ,” I wrote her.

Her reply: “I am already loving the city so much. But the “Sex and” part won’t be quite as exciting. I’m very much a goody two shoes you know. ;)

My reply: “The only people who say they’re goody two shoes are ones who probably have a closet full of bad shoes.”

So imagine the irony when I found out she just started a blog about shoes. If you like shoes, subscribe to her blog!

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The Truth

Robert noticed that I had the Bible Verse app installed on Facebook. I installed it when Jia mentioned it, but haven’t touched it since the first verse that came up was…

Bible Verse of the Day
John 8:32: “Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” The motto of my alma mater is: “The truth shall make you free.”

Back when I went there, you could get a shirt that looked just like the ones sold in the Caltech bookstore: With the torch logo and the true motto of that Institute: “The truth shall rape you over.”

Thank you, Caltech, for taking my entire last year there to secretly indict me for an honor code violation which you only resolved seven days before my graduation. (Tip: if you call in 20% of the student body as KGB informants on me, it isn’t going to be a secret.)

The truth…


The truth will rape you over.

Yogapalooza this Sunday

One May day, when I was visiting my college on a trip to the west coast, three former classmates said that they were headed to the gym for a workout. Would I like to come?

“Why not?”

It’s surprising how many bad ideas begin with that question.

See what they neglected to mention was that it was an aerobics class: Advanced Step.

I had never done aerobics, let alone an advanced class on step aerobics. It was a scene out of the movie—I kept trying to catch up as my brain tried to figure which one of the last moves we did was the “straddle down.”

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Ogres Select Consumption Over Networking (OSCON)

It’s weird how worlds intersect. Here is some lobbycon dialog:

“I don’t know, but if you plot the points, there aren’t many intersections. I’ve noticed it on my Facebook: The Open Source world has different geeks, and then the Web 2.0 world is mixed up. Priorities are f’d—people like X, who are big in the Web 2.0 world, nobody knows here.”

“Web 2.0 is…not even geeks really.”

“If it were, every party would be like the Ars Technica/Gizmodo WWDC party.”


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You tell that other boy, not to touch the woodwork