Feel Good Trifecta

My sister, Mia, has been feeling a little stressed out this week, so I told her to watch the Bouncy Balls commercial I keep sending her.

She did today and felt compelled to rewatch two other videos I sent her before: “Where the Hell is Matt?” and “Otters Holding Hands”—she confessed to me she watched the last one twice this time—thus inventing the Feel Good Trifecta.

I noticed a number of people (perhaps because the SF rain is now here in earnest) aren’t feeling so good this Friday. Watch these three videos and hopefully you’ll feel a lot better. And if you aren’t one of those people, just save this entry for a rainy day.

[The trifecta after the jump]

Bouncy Balls

This one really needs Get the hi res version [Edit: site is down, I’ll dig up a download sometime.] if you have the time:

If you like this, also check out Paint.

Where the Hell is Matt

We’ll choose the 2006 version from YouTube.

(You can view/download a better resolution version as well as the original 2005 version on his website.)

Otters holding hands

If you haven’t seen this video above, be warned. My brother’s friend Ajay called it “female kryptonite.” I didn’t get it until I saw my sisters-in-law watch it.


Thanks Janice, for alighting me to the blog that pointed me to Where The Hell Is Matt? years ago. Thanks Kay, for sending me the Otters Holding Hands vid (it’s not just female kryptonite). Thanks Stephanie for doing a QA pass on the trifecta for me. 🙂

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