Does the Pokémon effect apply to Tiger developers?

In his quid pro quo effort to convert me to the Dark side of the Force, Mark sent me this reference to a Gizmodo article.

WWDC trading card handGo to the site, and read some. The special powers are a nice touch. I wonder which cards are rare? I want the Jobs and Avi Tevanian card. Do you think the Phil Shiller card has an animated GIF of his hands gesticulating while he talks about how “cool” Tiger is? Where is the video of Jonathan Ives talking about the design of these cards?

I remember seeing those photos in my WWDC newsletter and all I could think of was the old WROX press books during the boom:

Location. Me and Caitlin in MicroCenter.

Caitlin: Who are those dorks on the book cover?
Me: I think they’re the authors or something.
Caitlin: That's stupid. Who would want to buy a book with some
geek on the cover? They should put some chickies—that’d sell.

You’d think Apple would have figured things out after Symantec dropped Peter Norton off of the Norton Utilities box. Guess it just goes to show you, that Apple is still fallible. At least it isn’t an infomercial.

Oh well, time to go collect them all…

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