Making it rain (a story with three "Mark"ed bills)

Tagged has a Cherry Coke promotion which pretty much works with any website out there. In honor of this, I pimped out my profile with some raining cherries—I mean once you get over all the pr0n on my profile, that I’m too lazy(?) to delete. 🙂

Mark #1

Apparently there was a reward for getting Mark hired and I was the lucky recipient of it. In a move back to our gangsta roots, Greg gave me most of it in the form of a brick of 125 $20 bills. Time to really make it rain!

Making it rain

Making it rain
Tagged, Financial District, San Francisco, California

Nikon D200, Tokina AT-X PRO 16-50mm f/2.8 DX
1/200sec @ f/2.8, iso320, 16mm (24mm)

(Best viewed large on black)

[More raining and Tagged is hiring after the jump]

Hmm, that was so fun, they made me do it a second time…

My money machine

My money machine
Tagged, Financial District, San Francisco, California

Nikon D200, Tokina AT-X PRO 16-50mm f/2.8 DX
1/160sec @ f/2.8, iso320, 16mm (24mm)

I like that because you can’t really tell I’m wearing glasses that day, because of my hangover from partying the previous night. What to do with the cash? I’ll probably do something fun with Mark and Rose when things calm down here at Tagged.

Which reminds me, things, while busy, are going really great at Tagged, and we really want to hire some sharp people to execute on all of these things. You can read the Tagged job descriptions here or read my selfish version:

ops guy (lame boring version): Mario says ops guys are like the lineman for the developer. Without them on the front lines, you really take a beating and look bad. With good ops, you have a lot of time in the pocket and look great. It’s important for me to keep ops guys happy. If anyone is bugging ops, I’ll break open some of that “vintage tychay” on them.

Johann’s zombie army (boring, boring, and boring descriptions): Ignore what the boring descriptions say, they put that crap up to scare everyone away. Tagged is a mix of Java and PHP glued together with PHP—that’s our architecture (hope I didn’t give away any secrets). I’d prefer a smart, talented developer who is willing to learn over someone and loves this stuff (social networking, scalable internet, f*cking cool features, and general mayhem) over someone who fits the job description to a T. The latter resembles some jaded jerk who has been working on this stuff for way too long than is healthy—umm, like me.

Mostly, it’s so that I can sit in the corner practicing my Dru Nelson impersonations about how life used to be before some kid wrote memcache and shit like that. Besides, if we actually hire a “senior” then some of you might find out I’m full of shit and I can’t let that cat out of the bag.

Some other jobs (bizguy, sales guy, boss of sales guy): They’re in sales and business. I need to draw up a “developers version of an org chart” for you sometime so you understand how I have no clue what these jobs are. But I’d be happy to refer you. 😀

So if you’re interested, submit a resume to the hyperlinked places and also send me an email at: tychay [dash] jobs [at] tagged [dot] com.

I could always use more cash to swim in. It’s quite fun. See how happy people who work at Tagged are?

It’s all about the Jacksons

It’s all about the Jacksons
Tagged, Financial District, San Francisco, California

Nikon D200, Tokina AT-X PRO 16-50mm f/2.8 DX
1/180sec @ f/2.8, iso320, 16mm (24mm)

You can be this happy too, if you work at Tagged

Hmm, I billed this story as having three Marks but I have only mentioned one…

Mark #2

I’d tell you more about how great it is working at Tagged and how much fun I am to work with, but I’d be breaking the first two rules about working at Tagged… Just trust me, Tagged is a hell lot more fun than becoming a faceless entity at… pardon the pun, but… Damn how many times do Mark Zuckerberg have to compare his company to eBay before people actually start buying that load that a 130 programmers is “small”?? Mark, you need to pump up the gain on your reality distortion field—I think it’s still stuck on stun. There are higher settings, talk to Steve about getting it tuned.)

Mark #3

Mark Kater, a front end engineer at Tagged, took this video (In the interest of attempting to eat my own dogfood, I uploaded the video to Tagged):

I had to make it rain very fast and get there before the bank closed—it didn’t occur to me to put the money in my freezer over the weekend and pretend to be a U.S. congressmen—made it with 2 minutes to spare. I was in such a rush, that I forgot to keep any bills and left my ATM card there. I didn’t realize until I was at the ball game and I had to borrow money from Mark.

I had $2500 in cash in my hands an hour earlier and then I’m borrowing $40 from my own engineers.

Now that is ironic.

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  1. Yah, I’m in this bitch with the terror, got a handful of stacks, better grab an umbrella. I make it rain, I make it rain, I make it rain on them ho’s.

    Hah, nice entry man, made me laugh.

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