I’m popular, attractive, and self-confident!

Great news today! Halle blogs another gem about some social “research” results:

“One involved the creation of mock Facebook profiles. Researchers learned that while people perceive someone who has a high number of friends as popular, attractive and self-confident, people who accumulate “too many” friends (about 800 or more) are seen as insecure.”

High number of friends == attractive? Score! And what happens at 800? Does the Facebook CS team come and beat you with an ugly stick? I thought you’re supposed to troll their tagged pictures to decide about this one. And now that they’ve ajaxified the photos page, it’s oh so easy to do!

Unlike Halle, I’m under 800 friends, but I think it’s getting close. I better stop accepting friend requests…

Okay, one more friend.

Okay, maybe one more friend. 🙂

5 thoughts on “I’m popular, attractive, and self-confident!

  1. I am sad that Halle doesn’t use the blog I made her at http://www.halletecco.com.

    I may have at least 400 people on my Facebook profile that I have never met, but I feel somewhat connected to them because I can keep in touch with them online.

    What is insecure? I really don’t know what that means.

  2. Terry, you can keep going, you have 135 more friends until you’re beat with the insecurity stick.

    Me, on the other hand… I need to remove some friends.

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