My short career in modeling

There are a couple guys in the tech world who are models, have been models, or could be models. A friend said that the combination of tall, dark, handsome and geeky was “totally unfair” to us. (I assume she meant to us guys, but I suppose it could go for girls also—maybe for them it’s like some five year old kid pushing down on all the attraction buttons at once.)

It happened at a party that one of these model-geeks was saying, “The first thing they taught us in modeling class…”

At that moment, I almost said, “The first thing they taught me in modeling class is…” *raises hand high above head* “…you have to be this tall to get in.”

Luckily, I managed to hold back that thought—I wouldn’t want to mess with model-geek’s game.

And thus ended my short career in modeling.

Emphasis on short.

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