Ghetto tips

Mike, a friend and former co-worker pointed me to Go Ghetto. I looked at it and promptly forgot about it.

I should have read Mike’s blog closer because at Lunch 2.0 today, I found out that my friends Holly and (a different) Mike are the instigators of GoGhetto. (What a weird small world we live in.) They even gave me a bumper sticker which I had in my hand for all of 10 seconds. (They were too ghetto to let me keep it, because Mark already had one.)

Ghetto product shot
“Ghetto product shot” by tychay.
Nikon D70, Nikkor 50mm f/1.8D
f/1.8 at 1/60 second, iso 200, 50mm (75mm)

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Shooting people at work

There has been a movement in Plaxo recently to make the blog “more edgy” and less bland corporate PR crap. I can only say that’s a good thing.

One little gem of that outgrowth is a wonderful entry by my co-worker Michael Rowley on photographing people at work. Actually, yesterday we had a “Haxo” day where we spend our time working on a project not related to my current work. Michael spent his Haxo Day photographing at Plaxo so in many ways this blog entry was an outgrowth of his Haxo project.

If you are curious as to Michael’s style, here is a candid he took of me:

Terry 0277
“Terry 0277” by Mnemonix
(Sony Cybershot DSC-F717) f/2.2 at 1/100 second, iso 400, 7.2mm (69mm)

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Interesting blog for parents

Parent Hacks logo

parent hacks is a blog created by some technical writers/recent parents, devoted to parenting, O’Reilly geek-style.

As a parent of nobody, this has little value to me, but somehow this blog “works” because it has a nice focused vertical as well as a clever graphic, two features a personal blog like this doesn’t have.
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Server 2.12 released

Plaxo just released Server 2.12.

Now that we have a bunch of partners using our website, we had to slide an extra step in the release train that allows the partners to test against the release candidate for a few weeks before release. What this means is I’ve forgotten what is in this release. For me, it was basically a big bug fix release.
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The Origami hype-machine

Pity Microsoft sometimes.

What possess them to send out hype announcements just before a Steve Job’s keynote/event? I know Apple has a tiny marketshare, but in the geek world, their mind share is huge. This is why Apple’s announcements top Google News Sci/Tech section even after a mediocre product announcement.

More is the pity because Origami is actually a very interesting device.

(Be warned, the Origami website linked is pointless.)

Microsoft’s Origami

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