Luke Welling’s OSCON wrap up reminded me of an incident.

No, not about my battles with Tourette’s, or, should I say, people confusing honest fucking programming frustration with Coprolalia. 😀

At the PDXPHP meeting at OsCamp, Rasmus asked if anyone attended his “Getting Rich with PHP 5” talk (on using callgrind to improve performance of PHP). Very few people raised their hands.

This caused me to blurt out, “I think Rasmus just rasmussed Rasmus.”

The gang at OmniTI

Luke linked a photo of the gang of OmniTI and himself signing books for SAMS Developer’s Library. (Actually George isn’t wearing an OmniTI shirt either.)


If you look really closely you can see I’m just off frame (you can just see my UpStrap) convincing Theo that his Canon sucks ;-). Theo is bracketed by three PHP developers with NAS. Why is it that Nikon has a large presence in the PHP and Perl worlds, in a field (Computer Engineering) dominated by Canon owners.


Java Programmers

According to Michael, I have to bring up Java in this article.

Then I guess I should mention that Luke got his most recent blog entry dugg.

I’ve noticed from looking at this list I’ve progressed downward on the hierarchy tree: (C to Perl to OO PHP to “People who refuse to use the word Ajax” to “Ajax”…)

I’m only a few steps away from a Java programmer.

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