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I just finished an interview with Marcus Whitney (of Rasmussed fame) for the Pro::PHP Podcast. It should be up soon.

I haven’t heard it yet but I think I made an error. I said that we made $500,000 in our first month of operation with eCards, but I think eCards only brought it $250,000 that month. (I’m bad with numbers.) In any case, if you factor in the premium suite (of which eCards is a part of), I might not have been lying. 😀

We couldn’t have a live cast because Marcus’s internet connection went down due to a thunderstorm. He apologized for that mix up, but it was understandable: ten Pro::PHP podcasts streaming across, that, internet, and what happens to your own personal internet? Marcus should realize that the internets aren’t a dump truck

How the talk went

I was more serious than funny, and I think I only delved into scatology a dozen times at best (a new low), but I really hope you listen to it and take away some stuff about how this one person sees web development and PHP’s place in it.

My basic point is that PHP’s strength is it’s flexibility, pragmatism, and stupidity. That this makes it often the best tool to solve one phase of the “Web 2.0” strategy. (As for which phase that is, listen to the podcast and found out.)

Web Developers need this tool in toolbox, because, as Louis Pasteur said, “…le hasard ne favorise que les esprits prepares.” (Chance favors only the prepared mind.)

About Pro::PHP podcast

I really appreciate the work that Marcus, the blog, and the publishers of the magazine PHP|architect do in creating this service to the community.

The community is so disjointed because you have so many people working on so many things. From core C coding (The PHP Group), to business services and CYA documents (Zend), to consulting (OmniTI), to developers of open source and closed source application software and services. What PHP Podcast does is provide the sense of community that connects those disparate groups together.

For instance, he last interviewed an interview of Matt Mullenweg, just some guy who created the most popular blogging application of all time, WordPress. He first interviewed Wez Furlong, who moonlights as the “King of PECL” and is Dr. Evil 24/7.

Where else are you going to hear Matt’s worries about if PHP6 is going to leave him behind, or how Wez became the King of PECL?

It’s these stories that make the crazy world that we call the PHP community.

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  1. Caitlin IM’d me, “That’s doesn’t sound like your voice!”

    I heard it. I sound like helium boy. Must be something with the voice compression.

    I couldn’t listen to my talks because I can’t stand the sound of my voice—it’s the worst in the world. But, I’m taking it back. Whoever that guy who sucked all that helium, I can’t stand the sound of his voice! 😀

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