Advocates of Single-Payer

This shocking article, especially in light of their tactical PR moves, makes a number of people theorize that WalMart would be advocates of a Single-payer health care system. No. Just the opposite. In 2004, WalMart spent $650k to defeat Proposition 72. Now a careful reading may have some wondering how a bill requiring heath coverage […]

YUI cookies

Every time I talked about web cookies, my ex-girlfriend would say, “Mmmm, cookies.” Besides messing with my train of thought, it also gave me an unhealthy obsession with cookie implementations in web development. Today, I was taking apart how YUI implements subcookies, and the source had this comment in the subcookie parser… O RLY? Because […]


I was pointed to this Paul Krugman article, which is a sequel to this piece. The Bear Stearns buyout is what touched it off. To which, someone wrote: “Ahh, GOP capitalism—where profits are privatized and losses are socialized. Conservative blogs start quoting Paul Krugman and the Times… You hear that? That’s the sound of the […]

I’m stalking you

A classmate from college, Dr. Frank Ling, is giving an internal talk at CNET: Uploaded with plasq‘s Skitch! Frank works as a PostDoc at Berkeley on green technology, guest blogs on Cleantech, and does the radio program, Berkeley Groks, with another classmate of mine, Charles Lee. Great people, both of them. Change the world. 🙂

Reading George Orwell

In my seventh grade English class, I got an opportunity to read Animal Farm by George Orwell. My mom had read it once as a little girl during the brief occupation of Seoul in the Korean War. “One day Ohma brought home fish for dinner, wrapped in paper. But it was too much paper—everything was […]

Bebo for $850 million

I guess the news in my world today is that Bebo sold to AOL for $850 million. Trust AOL to make the Microsoft-generated $15 billion “valuation” look like a steal. I’m curious how much Hi5 must be worth now: Just trying to add some perspective. Not sure how Falco thinks “dominating in the United Kingdom” […]

nik Color Efex Pro 3.0 (and panoramic landscapes)

I finally upgraded my copy of nik Color Efex Pro.1 It has this new feature called “u-point” which allows you to do zone system tone masking a lot like LightZone. This means I can finally edit without masks. The other advantage is it finally works again on the Mac version of Photoshop. 😉 So I […]

Obama's 2002 speech

“Those are the battles that we need to fight. Those are the battles that we willingly join. The battles against ignorance and intolerance. Corruption and greed. Poverty and despair. “The consequences of war are dire, the sacrifices immeasurable. We may have occasion in our lifetime to once again rise up in defense of our freedom, […]

Home alone (or not)

I’ve been writing lately about the three P’s: programming, photography, and politics. Many of you must be bored out of your mind and are thinking, Damn! Terry.TMI. Time to break it up a bit. A friend is in the process of moving to a new place. She mentioned that she had never lived on her […]

Running with cameras

DPReview has an excellent review of the 18-200mm Nikkor travel kit lens, a lens I happen to own. I wait for Pizza with my Nikon camera (from side) Patxi’s Pizza, Palo Alto, CA Lumix DMC-LX1 1/3 sec @ f/2.8, iso 200, 6mm (28mm) One criticism missing from the review is how annoyingly long the lens […]