URL encoding in Javascript

I mentioned this in my Ajax and eCards talk, but if you’ve ever had to encode querystring of anything that isn’t ascii, you’ve run into troubles with encode(). The solution is to use encodeURIComponent(). Here is an article that outlines the difference between the three escaping functions. The quick summary is, don’t use escape() use […]

RAW color space

A very interesting question popped up on Flickr: Is there any technical advantage of specifying AdobeRGB or sRGB in a Camera RAW file? Almost all digital cameras obtains color by placing a color filter in front of identically constructed photodiodes. The RAW file just stores digitization of those monochromatic values. Color profile information on a […]

Javascript monitoring

Yesterday my friend Dave added his blog to Technorati, he sent me this e-mail: Rank: 2,357,164 (0 links from 0 sites) That would put me in last place. You can help. Hopefully this blog entry will fix that. To not be a completely friend-serving post, I’ll mention that Dave has a short entry on Javascript […]

YUI cheatsheets

While there are some strange redundancies and it’s missing a nice build tool and dependency/include system, I really do like Yahoo UI Library, mostly because it is easy to follow and the basic example widgets are far more refined than other UI libraries. Here is a link to YUI Cheetsheets in PDF.

Book Review: Tuesdays with Morrie

As the BART pulled in to the penultimate stop, I was half a dozen pages from the end of tuesdays with Morrie: an old man, a young man, and life’s greatest lesson, a “long paper on what was learned” as the author comes to the terms with the slow deterioration and death of his favorite […]

Plaxo Holiday borders

A couple days ago, Hong sent me an eCard announcing that Plaxo had the new holiday borders live on the Plaxo eCard site. Actually, he used my favorite new border, “snowflake”. Tiffany, Michael, and Martin did the design based on a template that Bill had suggested to me for the flowers border that he did. […]

Switching to Mac? Use Plaxo

Joseph sent me this article, in which the writer switches from Windows to a new MacBook Pro (the same one I own). In doing so, he found the easiest way to import his Outlook contacts into Mac OS X Address Book was just by using Plaxo! While he was being tongue-in-cheek, I noticed Derik DeLong […]