Stepping in it

I’m not blogging about politics because the wind changed direction—waiting finally beats getting worked up. This sarcastic post from Balloon Juice though has a novel summary of what is going on with the Attorney General firings and how it occurred. This is just a fascinating piece of political good-on-paper-bad-in-practice maneuvering on the part of the … Continue reading Stepping in it

Sensing a great disturbance in the force

…of my 2008 budget. “Depth of field” huh? A Pentax medium format digital camera. 19 or 31 megapixel CCD sensor with 1.4x crop factor in 645 format (44mmx33mm). Basically that’s twice the image area of 35mm “full frame” or .7x “crop factor” 35mm equivalent. Just saying this just shows the total futility of thinking in … Continue reading Sensing a great disturbance in the force