No whammies, big money

A funny rumor appeared on TechCrunch about the company I work for. I won’t comment about the rumor. (To be honest, I’m so bad with numbers I wouldn’t be able to get the number right even if I did.) Instead I’d like to point out Comment 26: “15M can hire the BEST engineers and product … Continue reading No whammies, big money

Job: Software Architect for NovaTunes in Venice, CA

Sent to my by my friend John Herren (sorry about the delay in posting): Life’s a Beach! Fix The Music Business! Work in VENICE, California NovaTunes is a revolutionary new music company putting control in the hands of the artists and delivering quality music to a hungry global community. One lucky contestant will join a … Continue reading Job: Software Architect for NovaTunes in Venice, CA

A fish(y) story

It is because of random flukes like this: Baseball cap? Check? New York Giants? Check. Geek convention? Check. This reminds me, C|Net really needs to host a Lunch 2.0… Check? that Blake and Meagan have started calling me “rockstar.” What is ironic is that I’m not a rockstar, but I am related to one: my … Continue reading A fish(y) story


F—: I wanted to ask you about the the Ning network. Welcome to Ning Ning, Palo Alto, California   Nikon D200, Tokina AT-X PRO 16-50mm f/2.8 DX 1/80sec @ f/8, iso100, 17mm (25mm) Me: Okay, but I’m not the person to ask, you should have you should have gone to Lunch 2.0 and asked Gina … Continue reading BYOCommunities