It isn’t Thanksgiving without the kimchee

22 November 2007. The dishes are being passed around the table: turkey, white and dark meat, cranberry sauce, gravy, mashed potatoes, sweet potato, stuffing, kimchee… Maybe at your Thanksgiving there is that dish that is not like the others—the one that reminds you that no matter how twinkie you’ve become, there is still a hint … Continue reading It isn’t Thanksgiving without the kimchee

Why I love Lunch 2.0

I love Lunch 2.0. It’s ironic that something that started as a prank on Web 2.0 could become representative of the very thing it teases: free and open communication and “the lunch as a conversation.” Even though I missed Lunch 2.0 at Oodle, you have to love this mobile post via Utterz by Chris Heuer … Continue reading Why I love Lunch 2.0

My short career in modeling

There are a couple guys in the tech world who are models, have been models, or could be models. A friend said that the combination of tall, dark, handsome and geeky was “totally unfair” to us. (I assume she meant to us guys, but I suppose it could go for girls also—maybe for them it’s … Continue reading My short career in modeling

I’m popular, attractive, and self-confident!

Great news today! Halle blogs another gem about some social “research” results: “One involved the creation of mock Facebook profiles. Researchers learned that while people perceive someone who has a high number of friends as popular, attractive and self-confident, people who accumulate “too many” friends (about 800 or more) are seen as insecure.” High number … Continue reading I’m popular, attractive, and self-confident!

FOX needs a senior PHP front-end developer

Hmm, it’s been a while since I posted some PHP jobs. (You know this is getting inconvenient. I think I need to just write a job tool for Received this rec from a friend filling a position for FOX Interactive Media to work on the American Idol site. They can work in San Francisco, … Continue reading FOX needs a senior PHP front-end developer

Quantifying beauty

“You called me earlier?” D— replies, “Oh yeah, I was at the hardware store. Something there reminded me of a blog entry of yours.” “Which one?” “I forgot. So hey, speaking of that. Chris was annoyed about your lame post.” “Yeah, it was so lame that it was actually a rehash of an earlier blog … Continue reading Quantifying beauty

Have you hugged your engineer?

I was browsing through Facebook and I ran across Andrew Mager’s profile photo again. This time it was taken at the CNET holiday party. I’ve been saying for a while now that I’m just going to compile all of his Facebook profile photos into a book and make bank. But I had to blog this … Continue reading Have you hugged your engineer?

Filter Input-Escape Output: Security Principle and Practice

I haven’t been blogging lately because I’ve been busy. Chris said that he read my last blog entry in two minutes and thought, “What the fuck happened to Terry?” Well since he’s doing the PHP Advent Calendar, I thought I’d kill two birds with one stone. [My PHP Advent Calendar submission after the jump]