Have we reached “Peak Ruby”?

The Terry Chay peak theory, also known as peak ruby, is a not-so-influential theory concerning the long-term popularity of software languages. It predicted that future popularity in Ruby will reach a peak sometime in the year 2007 and then decline. Some observers believe that because of the high dependence of the language on hype, the … Continue reading Have we reached “Peak Ruby”?


burrow Mountain View, California Nikon D70, Nikkor 50mm f/1.8D 1/50sec @ f/1.8, iso 640, 50mm (75mm) Yet another piece of the internet zeitgeist passes me by… [More cats after the jump.]

Barcamp Sacramento Tomorrow

Reminder, I’ll be at BarCamp Sacramento tomorrow. BarCamp is an unconference (it is free to attend, users can give talks at will). I’ll do my Underpants Gnomes talk. And I can do an impromptu Rails on Ruby talk. Unconferences are great. We should support more. It’s sort of like Lunch 2.0 only not with breakfast … Continue reading Barcamp Sacramento Tomorrow