Sensing a great disturbance in the force

…of my 2008 budget. “Depth of field” huh? A Pentax medium format digital camera. 19 or 31 megapixel CCD sensor with 1.4x crop factor in 645 format (44mmx33mm). Basically that’s twice the image area of 35mm “full frame” or .7x “crop factor” 35mm equivalent. Just saying this just shows the total futility of thinking in … Continue reading Sensing a great disturbance in the force

More foot in mouth

This CrunchGear announcing the Olympus E-510 is the height of moronitude. Basically he doesn’t like this 4-3 10 megapixel wonder child because it cost $100 more than the E 410 sister camera with only one difference: image stabilization. “Now, who’s willing to pay $100 more for image stabilization?” Let us deconstruct shall we? [First blush … Continue reading More foot in mouth

Slashdot is still good for a laugh

I thought maybe Slashdot at +5 would start getting better now that everyone has migrated to digg. “Actually, lots of people have abandoned PHP for Python and Ruby.” Dan Ost Nope. (I guess this depends on your definition of the word “lots.”)