At ZendCon tomorrow – see my talk, drink their drink

I love teasing Zend and right now their conference, the largest PHP conference in the world, is going on. As I mentioned earlier, I’ll be giving my talk on “The Internet is an Ogre” tomorrow at 10 AM. It’s a fun talk so you better go see it! (Besides, if everyone goes to this, I’ll … Continue reading At ZendCon tomorrow – see my talk, drink their drink

Job: PHP Application Engineer

Received this a couple days ago. It involves a project of combining two codebases, updating the Ajax, and building out the scalability in each. Might be interesting to some of you: Abby is working with a client owned by one of the nation’s largest, innovative, billion dollar companies. My client provides an online product that … Continue reading Job: PHP Application Engineer

Happy Sputnik Day!

Text reads: Dear person-with-vaguely-Russian-sounding-name, Fifty years ago today, the Soviet Union threw a beeping metal sphere into low earth orbit scaring the be-jesus out of every American and touching off the Space Race which gave us 100+ TV channels, GPS tracking, orbital mind control lasers, Google Earth, and Tang—all of which, by some coincidence, scare … Continue reading Happy Sputnik Day!

Certain faddishness

People are all in a huff about Ballmer being, as far as I can tell, Ballmer. “I think these things [social networks] are going to have some legs, and yet there’s a faddishness, a faddish nature about anything that basically appeals to younger people.” —Steve Ballmer, Times Online Now, I think Ballmer is an idiot … Continue reading Certain faddishness

CNET Open House on Tuesday: Under the Hood

CNET is hosting an open house on October 2nd (Tuesday). Given that every PHP Meetup in SF has been cancelled the night before, I suggest you go to this. 😀 GameSpot,, and will be having a panel discussion on using PHP/MySQL framework to share code between multiple sites that support 49 million … Continue reading CNET Open House on Tuesday: Under the Hood

Our real selves

Twitter has all of the sleaziness of stalking with none of the messy work of having to actually leave my desk. But I found a dark underside to it: it makes stalking way too easy. Sometimes I get caught in my laziness: Out in the real world, a girl comes up to me. “Hey!” Me: … Continue reading Our real selves