Netflix rationalization

Got this in the inbox today:

Netflix raises rates for me

Yes, because Blu-Ray costs more, Netflix going to charge more. Makes perfect sense right?

Wait a minute! What about the much vaunted scratch-resistance with Blu-Ray coatings such as Durabis?

I’ve noticed I’ve had to clean 1 out of 10 discs and about 1 out of every 30 discs are busted, damaged, or unreadable. If we assume discs are rented an average of once per week, that means that a regular DVD disc lasts about a half year in circulation before it needs to be either taken out and a new one purchased.

What’s next? If I put newer releases on the queue I’ll have to pay a $1 more also?

I mean. Fine, Netflix, raise my rates a dollar, but don’t give me the bullshit.

One thought on “Netflix rationalization

  1. 20 if they don’t crack. They can refinish DVDs more than Blu-rays, which only have a 0.1mm polycarbonate cover layer (DVD has 0.6mm). Blu-ray has a hard coat (an acrylic) that reduces minor abrasions, and some DVD manufacturers are starting to use it too (e.g., TDK’s Durabis). They do scratch, and then it is much harder (using liquid-cooled buffing) to clear these out. If you do remove the hard coat, then the disc wears much faster. Since the pit geometries are less that a fifth of DVD, a scratch will do five times the damage or ruin it completely if deeper than 0.1mm. I would bet that Blu-ray has 1/4th the rental life of DVD.

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