Erect to Climax

While reading the comments on Balloon Juice:

“…and it takes 35 minutes to get from Erect to Climax, in NC.”


Getting from Erect to Climax

Google Maps didn’t have it but you can find Erect in Wikipedia

Here is another one:

“Pennsylvania has Intercourse, and also Bird in Hand.…Blue Ball too, not far from Intercourse, oddly enough.”

Blue Ball is not far from Intercourse.

Google Maps didn’t have Blue Ball either but you can see it in Wikipedia.

I’m not surprised. How many of you entertained yourself as kids trying to laugh at all the crazy names of places off the Pennsylvania Turnpike? I know I did. In fact, Flackette tells me that one of her friends purchased a keychain from there that said, “I love Intercourse, PA.” And to think, I didn’t even know what blue balls were until I saw Superbad.

With all this sexual innuendo, it sort of makes me see the title of my own blog in a different light! 😀

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