What we’re being protected from

The commenters on Balloon Juice get funny when they get angry.

For instance, this article where John concludes, “And let me be clear, once again, the [Dirty Fucking Hippies I derided and mocked as delusional] were right.” In this case, it turns out the terrorist surveillance watchlist is being abused in the exact same ways they were abused in the sixties.

But the kicker is when a commenter writes:

But that’s not the worst of it. What’s really bad is that our law enforcement can’t take this terrorist watch list seriously. If cops are going in to monitor Quakers and Sierra Club meetings, the list isn’t worth a damn. What are we being protected from? Hiking and oatmeal?

Yep, that’s what I’m afraid of—hiking and oatmeal! 😀

And don’t even get me into Shredded Wheat. That shit gives new meaning to “ashes in our mouth.”

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