Being Steve Jobs…

One thing I’ll never understand is why people follow what Steve Jobs does so closely. Are these the same people that have a secret stash of People magazine?

They’re in good company though. My co-worker (an ex-HP employee) once said that Carly Fiorina has a bad case of Steve Jobs-envy which pretty much hits the nail on the head. Too bad whenever I see a picture of Carly with rock stars, actors, or entertainment executives, I keep hearing the Sesame Street song: “One of these things is not like the other… One of these things doesn’t belong…”

Now Gawker has a contest guessing the expletives uttered by Jobs as if it is impossible to utter an 8 letter cuss word.

Umm how about… “bullshit?”

I could very well be wrong, I’m no dual-industry billionaire vegetarian with an attitude, but if a bunch of ex-hippies with way-too-much-money-and-time-on-their-hands were protesting outside my workplace about a little lead in my products that are not even manufactured by me when there is global warming, terrorism, an impending oil crisis, and an distribution of wealth not seen since the turn of the century,1 that’s what I’d call it.

ObSteveJobsStory: The only time I saw Steve Jobs was a few years ago when I took Caitlin to a dance competition at Stanford. He glanced at my Tumi bag (I thought, “He’s a lot taller than I pictured.”) and then bent down to help his daughter(?) (“…and a lot balder.”).2 My next thought was it takes a certain personality to accept being recognized everywhere you go. But then again, if he didn’t want to be recognized, he’d have been wearing something other than a pair of jeans and a black turtleneck that day.

Note: It appears that Gawker realized how stupid their entry looked and revised it to point out the most obvious guess (mine) with some lame apologetic, DDR-esque, “You can do better!”

1 From 1890-1900, not 1990-2000.
2 At least those observations gave me something to look out for during the next MacWorld Keynote.

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