Interesting blog for parents

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parent hacks is a blog created by some technical writers/recent parents, devoted to parenting, O’Reilly geek-style.

As a parent of nobody, this has little value to me, but somehow this blog “works” because it has a nice focused vertical as well as a clever graphic, two features a personal blog like this doesn’t have.
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The Origami hype-machine

Pity Microsoft sometimes.

What possess them to send out hype announcements just before a Steve Job’s keynote/event? I know Apple has a tiny marketshare, but in the geek world, their mind share is huge. This is why Apple’s announcements top Google News Sci/Tech section even after a mediocre product announcement.

More is the pity because Origami is actually a very interesting device.

(Be warned, the Origami website linked is pointless.)

Microsoft’s Origami

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Aperture 1.1

Aperture 1.1 adjustments palette

(Thanks to the people of this Flickr thread for informing me of this.)

It looks like Apple caved into all hearsay by photographers and is releasing a new version of Aperture catered to them.

The major thing to note, IMO, is that Aperture 1.1 will be a universal binary and available as a free update, paving my purchase of a 17″ MacBook Pro in August.

But let’s look at the features in this update:

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