Server 2.12 released

Plaxo just released Server 2.12.

Now that we have a bunch of partners using our website, we had to slide an extra step in the release train that allows the partners to test against the release candidate for a few weeks before release. What this means is I’ve forgotten what is in this release. For me, it was basically a big bug fix release.

One thing I do remember is that I put in a new preview tooltip hack so that you can see the full preview of the eCards without having to select the card first.

Full preview tooltips for Plaxo eCards

This is strange because I’ve been working on a much better way of doing this already that will replace this in the next release. But hopefully it will address the frustration I had where I wanted to get a better idea of what the card might look like without having to navigate 3 pages each direction to do so.

Some other features in the new eCards (part) of the release are

  • New bounce management—you get an e-mail informing you if the eCard bounced
  • Sending across time zones is improved to make more sense to you
  • The customize page loads much faster
  • The “Want to send a card like this?” link has been improved to be less ugly

(Now that the Product Design Team for setting up a usable intranet, I was able to look this up.)

Of course, there are a tone of new features and bug fixes in the other parts of Plaxo, but I’ll leave it to others to report them.

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