Google, Google Everywhere

Google is planning to create GDrive for all your online storage needs.

Is anyone surprised?

Hmm, Allow Google to mine all your data for advertising. Trust them, they will “Do no evil.” 🙂

I’ve always said that Google’s motto is Silicon Valley code word for, “We’re not Microsoft.” Where is the point in which we hold Google to the same privacy and competitive standards we have for our favorite monopolist?

WiFi Zone

In other news, in the latest Mountain View newsletter, I found out that they have acknowledged a five-year contract to allow Google to provide free Wi-Fi here.

According to the article, it won’t reach residential areas without a booster (no surprise). It stated that the main reasons for Google are so that it can work out the costs of the system and to provide location based advertising. There was no mention of the fact that they’ll cache my browsing/click habits and link it with my Google account/profile, but given their modus operandi, Google would be insane not-to.

Not that I need these two features.

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