Nikon D70 #1…on Flickr

Here is a fun little observation that Paul alighted to: The most popular camera model used to create photos uploaded to Flickr on fd’s website is the Nikon D70.

Nikon D70 #1?

Since the Nikon D70s(#12) and the D50 (#5) has been separated out, we’re really just talking about one camera. What a camera huh? I think emphasizes what I’ve said many times before: that the Nikon D70 stole the thunder from the Canon Digital Rebel (EOS 300D).

I think the Nikon D70 will be remembered as heralding a new standard in dSLR photography, even though the 300D beat it to market by a year.

(Of course, I’m biased since I shoot a D70.)

One thing to note is currently, Nikon is the 3rd most popular make after Canon and Sony. (In reality, it is I think the 4th most popular digital camera make after Canon, Sony, and Kodak). In fact, most of the list is littered with Canon. As one poster put it (tongue-in-cheek):

But seriously, that list is in a dire state… probably more than 2/3 of that is all Canon! The enemy has the upper hand! We must strike back!

Read the thread and notice how many Nikon D70 owners carry Canon digital point and shoots, including the indomitable fd, himself. I currently use a Casio and would love to have a Lumix LX-1 so I guess I’m in the minority.

(I wonder how many Canon zealots shoot Nikon P&S? I’m losing my religion!)

3 thoughts on “Nikon D70 #1…on Flickr

  1. I think this is interesting…but I do have to wonder if you combined the US version “EOS Digital Rebel XT” and the international version “EOS 350D Digital” and the US “EOS Digital Rebel” and internation “EOS 300D Digital” where they would stand. I have to think that the XT/350D would probably be #2 beating out the 20D and likely that I would be #1. The Digital Rebel/300D would probably beat the D50, also.

  2. Yeah, I was curious about that. (There is also an identification KISS Digital for the Rebel series that didn’t make the list for Japanese models.) John pointed out that he thought of merging them but changed his mind because he thought it would be interesting to know the popularity by market. Which it is, apparently Flickr must be very popular for Americans for the Rebel to beat out the 300D.

    It’s really a lot like trying to determine the popularity based on the number of posts on Flickr when the Canon dSLR share one really active group and the Nikon dSLRs are spread over a number of relatively quiet ones (D70/s, D50, D200, dSLR, etc.). However, I don’t think the 350D + Rebel XT combined would beat out the D70 currently. If you look, the Rebel XT has jumped 2 places in a week, which implies that the 20D and the D70 have pretty large numbers for them not to be gained on so quickly.

    I think that in less than a month, the Rebel XT will beat out the D70 outright for the top spot. As a whole, Canon sells more dSLRs than Nikon and budget dSLR sales for the latter are spread across two models (D50 and D70s).

  3. Pinging this thread to point out I guessed wrong. It has been two weeks and the Canon EOS 20D nudged the Nikon D70 for the top spot that week. 🙂

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