Diet Coke

So the [local McDonalds]( didn’t have seats and messed up my drink order with Diet Coke. This 4Square Mayor had decided that they’re one mess up away from becoming the worst McDonald’s in a two block radius (there are three).

Walking back to the office with an ad-hoc “to go” order, I had a sip of my drink. I was immediately taken aback and had another sip to confirm what I just tasted. Then I crossed the street and threw it away so as to not subject a panhandler to the zero calorie “dirty water of capitalism.”

I then had two blocks to contemplate taste of Aspartame in my mouth. Now I know this is offensive to you Diet drinkers, but to us sugar-lovers, I was taking by how the aftertaste of Diet Coke feels like I just threw up Coke and re-swallowed it.

Luckily, the Wikimedia refrigerator is fully stocked.

They should change the color of Diet drinks to make them easily identifiable. I don’t know why I should have to suffer this taste once every few months because half of America has the [mistaken impression][zero calorie] that zero-calorie drinks will make them less fat.

[zero calorie]: “It’s not that you gain weight drinking diet soda, it’s that you don’t lose it because your body makes up the calories somewhere else. I, for instance, drink 8-16 teaspoons of sugar most weekdays in the form of coke, and it just means I eat less or smaller meals because of it.”

The New Onion

Marie sent me this article today with the comment: “Surprisingly, not an Onion headline.”

The New Onion

The article says:

> The Texas congressman said that if Mr. Obama persists in executing the office of the Presidency *as defined by the Constitution,* he could face “impeachment and/or deportation.” … “Mr. President, there’s still time for you to get in line. But if you continue to fulfill the duties of President of the United States that are *expressly permitted* in the Constitution, you are playing with fire.”

If true, Reality has jumped the shark.

Don't wear technology

I’m not a fashionable guy. It wasn’t until around 2007 that I found out that pleated pants went out with the 90’s. But this has come up a often in discussion. So I’ll tell the only Chayism for daily fashion:

> **Don’t fucking wear technology!**

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response to questions concerning the VisualEditor

I feel somewhat responsible for putting James Forrester on the hot seat concerning [this article][Visual Editor post] as I was the one who asked him to take out time from his busy schedule to explain some of the challenges faced by the team concerning the project and manage expectations somewhat concerning the release.

I hope it is clear from the post that the [VisualEditor project][] has to overcome many “firsts” to become a reality. Some of the ones mentioned include:

1. The criteria to support 290 languages is beyond the scope of support of existing software.
2. The VisualEditor UI needs to be programmable in such a manner that “free form” HTML editing cannot be permitted unless those edits can be synced with an internal, client-side “data model.”
3. The VisualEditor needs to leave room for extensibility in all fronts to adapt to the extensible nature of current WikiText capabilities like transclusions and templates.
4. A **two-way** representation needs to be created out of wikitext to HTML *back to wikitext*. This cannot be emphasized enough since before the [parsoid project][], it was actually unclear if this was even possible.
5. In both the parser and in all points of the VisualEditor, edits must be made in a manner that only manipulates the areas intended by the editor so was to not introduce “dirty diffs”.
6. All of this must be done in a forward thinking transactional manner to allow things like real-time collaboration, micro-edits, and the ability to walk through actions.

[Visual Editor post]: “Inventing as we go: building a visual editor for MediaWiki—Wikimedia”
[VisualEditor project]: “VisualEditor—MediaWiki”
[parsoid project]: “Parsoid—MediaWiki”Continue reading response to questions concerning the VisualEditor

The fundraising team is happy today

Today was the first official UTC day of the fundraiser, [the previous days were tests][fundraiser 2012]. This year they’ve decided to only run it in 5 english speaking countries in December with the rest of the world to follow in April (to make translations, etc. to not be [bottlenecked on testing][2012 tests]).

Fundraiser statistics - Wikimedia Foundation
The Wikimedia Fundraiser this year and the previous two years. See

If you can’t read the graph, they’re on track to have their first $2 million revenue day in history. :-)

Thanks to all of you who donated and support Wikipedia.

Time to go up to the 6th floor and mooch the Fundraiser first-day cake. :-)

[fundraiser 2012]: “Wikipedia 2012 Fundraiser”
[2012 tests]: “Fundraising 2012/ We Need A Breakthrough—Meta Wiki”

Wikipedia 2012 Fundraiser

Wikimedia is gearing up for the 2012 fundraiser that pays my salary. Here are the banners they seem to be testing today.

2012 Fundraising banner test (11/15 featured article)

Today’s featured article on Wikipedia, logged out version. Mouseover for the flyout.

Pretty cool, team! Though, I’ll be missing that double-take of people on the street when they recognize my co-workers, but don’t quite remember from where. 😉

(Yes, the fundraising engineering team *technically* reports to me, but all I am is a useless middle-management PHB.)