From my aunt’s e-mail thread.

Here is a photo of the two cousins (Terry and Tammy) with Teresa and Seung

Terry Tammy in Pittsburgh

I got that sweater on a vacation to New Orleans when I was in grade school. I remember my father taking us down Bourbon Street and afterward my dad teasing my brother for “tripping all over himself.” I myself wondered why all the people in the posters there were wearing black tape for clothing.

Three cousins in Piscataway

Ken, you are putting Tammy’s shoe back on her foot in this picture.

Three Amigos in Piscataway

Ken, you were a big brother caretaker. I still remember visiting Pittsburgh your old house soon after Paul and I were married. You must have been about 5 years old and Terry 3. You woke up Terry and both of you got ready. You fixed cereal for you and Terry and then went outside with Terry to wait for a bus, I think it was to a summer camp. Very impressive in a little fellow.


Thank you Ken for taking care of me and thank you Terry for playing with me.


No problemo.  Those are some pretty loud colors on Terry and me.  Didn’t realize I took so many fashion risks when I was young!

I love that my pants had patches on them. When I had a pair of pants I liked, I wore them to the point where I would ask my mom to sew a patch on the parts that had frayed. It would take my brother constantly asking me where the floods had were before I finally would retire them.

Christmas picture

I thought you may like to take a look at the photo of us celebrating Christmas 1984 in Piscataway NJ.

Christmas 1984


OMG!!!! Ken and Terry are nerds!!!! Disney channel, sign them up!


I can’t believe the glasses I wore back then.  The 80s, what can you do?

I remember those glasses. They were a dark gunmetal frame that I liked because they didn’t get me teased as much as the plastic horned-rimmed ones that preceded them. I wore the nosepads off of them and eventually got a scar that is still on my nose to this day.

I didn’t get contact lenses until just before my junior year in high school. I remember this because a cute girl, J—, noticed that when I came to purchase textbooks at the school before the start of the year.

They didn’t help my nerd quotient one bit. This was before the dotCom boom made nerds cool. J— was just one of the few people then who was ahead of her time being so understanding of us.

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