The outcome being over 95% certain, I found a new hobby: trolling right-wingers on my Hillary-voting friends’ Facebook feed..

After my friend spent six comments in a row defending herself against a non-sequitur rant about Wikileaks, I came out from under the bridge:

Whoa, T—, why engage with someone who obviously hasn’t read the Russian-hacked wikileaks data dump and just parrots random somethings he read on some fringe website? Do what everyone else does…

And, at least feel a tiny bit sorry for your friend, a lonely man sitting at all by himself at his computer in what used to be a staunchly religiously-conservative and Republican stronghold (at least when I lived there), now having to deal with his co-workers and clients, all of whom have to quietly tiptoe around as he raves about how the lamestream media won’t report how John Podesta or Sidey Blumenthal (whoever the heck they are) said that they hate ‘ordinary Americans’ which is far, far worse than a bunch of ‘locker room talk.’ And besides didn’t you hear Hitlery once gave someone the stank eye? The fact that there is no evidence of it is proof that she’s an evil demon-woman possessed by Satan! All of this as he pins his hope on a poll-cratering, morally and economically-bankrupt narcisisstic orange cheeto to deliver us from evil…and into the hands of Vladamir Putin and Kim Jong Un (aka REAL leaders, unlike Nobama).

Reply came less than a minute later:

I love your insult and I appreciate your pity. Although you should not insult patriots they are very intelligent animals. Why can’t the wiki leaks and what trump said be equally bad?

Caught one! Time to reply:

C—, I wish I could preserve all your comments to savor with a nice bottle of chianti on November 9, but I’ll be too busy then using your wingnut tears to fuel my hybrid vehicle on the way to celebrate a gay marriage.

Apologies to T— and thanks for the light entertainment C—.

(BTW, it’s not true, I actually plan on spending November 9 recovering from binge eating risotto and oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.)

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