Zombie vs. Pirate


Zombie: What, oh what is this secret that you will never tell? Your status keeps threatening to not tell. It even reads “EVER!”
Zombie: Muuuuuuuust knoooooooooow gosssssip!
Zombie: p.s. Braaaaaaaaaaains


Z. Cioccolato, North Beach, San Francisco, California

Panasonic DMC-LX1
1//125sec @ f/4, iso 100, 6.7mm (30mm)

Pirate: I could tell you, but then I’d have to, you know, kill you. 😉

Pirate: Do you know what vegetarian zombie’s say?
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Pirate: …
Pirate: 😀

Zombie: I laughed so hard that I had tears in my eyes.
Zombie: This might be the happiest day of my life.

Zombie: I so voted for you as a hot silicon valley girl. Huzzah!

Pirate: Hehe…That why you been poking me? 😉

Zombie: Naturally! I love voting on people I know! Matter of fact, I’m gonna go vote someone to be something right now…
Zombie: Also, in fairness, I should come clean—sometimes I get out of control with poking…and I begin poking indiscriminately. Not to say that when I poke you it isn’t special… it’s just that… well… I got lots of folks to poke… 😉

Zombie: A couple of days ago, I was giving a presentation on the psychology of Facebook and one of my case studies was poke. You were at the top of a list of people that had poked me and the audience got a bit rowdy and demanded two things of me:

  1. that I poke you
  2. that they get to see a picture of you first.

Zombie: I succumbed to peer pressure.
Zombie: Anyway, I figured you should know that Silicon Valley is full of a bunch of Facebook poke-voyeurs. Oh, and that a lot of guys cheered when they saw your picture. Thank you for making me look much cooler than I am 🙂

Pirate: I’m sure my homage to Nintendo picture helped 🙂 And I highly doubt you need any help from me to be cool, Zombie!

Zombie: AHHHHHH! You never sleep!
Zombie: You’re killing me. Softly. With your words.

Zombie: I wish there was a way to poke you but mark it as “no poke backs” for an hour or something.
Zombie: Right now, I’m afraid to leave my computer because I can’t handle it when someone outpokes me.
Zombie: You are torturing me.

Pirate: You’re loving every second of it 😉


Z. Cioccolato, North Beach, San Francisco, California

Panasonic DMC-LX1
1/100sec @ f/4, iso 100, 6.7mm (30mm)

Zombie: That doesn’t make it right. 🙂

Zombie: I rule.
Zombie: U drool.

Pirate: DOH! My phone crashed last night. DAMN! I shall get you next time, Zombie!

Zombie: Bah! Let me reiterate: BAH! You never hear excuses for winning.
Zombie: Only losing.
Zombie: So again, just to summarize:

You: blah blah blah phone, blah blah blah crash, blah blah blah various other shenanigans
Me: BAH!

Sometimes, Facebook wall-to-wall is the shit.

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