Web 2.0 takes on SuperBowl commercials

Mischa mentioned that a bunch of Web 2.0 companies wanted to get in on the whole SuperBowl ad thing. Being Web 2.0 and not Web 1.0, they put their commercials on YouTube. Here is one from “the bunch of monkeys” I used to work for:

Their budget? $50 for the bar tab. Sure beats wasting 2 million bucks.

Web 2.0: Web 1.0, only cheaper.

[Here are the other videos.]

13 thoughts on “Web 2.0 takes on SuperBowl commercials

  1. Yesterday MediaPost picked up the story. THey interview Michael Lehman of Meez and Aaron Kane of Technorati. The author misses that the Meebo ad is actually a copy of a copy. The Meebo ad mimics a Microsoft internal ad staring Bill Gates and Steve Balmer(?) that mimic’d the Volkswagon ad.

    Again they catch one reference but miss the second.

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