11 thoughts on “Unsupported RAW workflow in Apple Aperture

  1. Another alternative is, of course, Lightroom in that at least it is updated reasonably frequently.

    You make a compelling argument for a separate applications for raw conversion and photo management though! If only there was a good DAM application for OS X…



    1. I believe Lightroom supports RAW plugins (I know you can integrate DxO into Lightroom, for instance).

      Lightroom works on the Mac, was originally written for Macintosh. I just don’t use Lightroom.

  2. Ty

    How do you get Catapult to load? I am having problems and you had mentioned in another post that you used some supplemental software.

    I have the EP2 and see that Aperture 3 does not support it still. Interstingly if you read Kirk Tuck a real evangelist for the EP2, he feels that the JPEGs are so good, he is avoiding RAW. He also loves using the EP2 in a square format.

    Once you have played with Aperture 3, give us your impressions.

    1. I can think of a few issues.

      1) All plugins are 32-bit (currently), you have to launch Aperture 3 in 32-bit mode to use Catapult

      2) Database could be crapped out. Hold cmd-option and rebuild database (if you've moved to Aperture 3, that's not the problem).

      3) Plugin prefs are busted. Go delete them (they're either in ~/Library/Application Support/Aperture or in ~/Library/Preferences).

      Quick impressions on Aperture 3:
      – Has way more than I expected, leapfrogged both Lightroom and iPhoto in features.
      – The brush and presets are amazing (and going to create a 3rd party market for those things)
      – Notebook users are going to love the new project export/import
      – Wish they had RAW roundtripping (though I own Catapult)
      – Wish they had support for external RAW plugins like LR
      – Hope they open up an API that allows the editing tools to be extended by 3rd party (so that presets == actions)
      – Can't wait until 64-bit plugins. This is a bit frustrating
      – Wish they had "quick view" render from JPEG even if RAW is unsupported. Argh! So close you can taste it!

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