Transformers 4

M—: So, my wife is working on Transformers 4. (sigh)

Me: Oh? I haven’t seen 2 or 3 yet.

M—: Me, neither. And she worked on those two also. What’s the point?

Me: It’s so that God has an excuse to hit us with a meteor.

M—: (laughter)

Me: No, think about it. All life is wiped out, you die, and go up to heaven. You’re going to be like, “Yo, God, WTF?” All God has to say is, “Transformers 4.” How can you argue with that?

M—: I saw the Lego movie—that was was pretty good. Perhaps it is because I had no expectations going in…

Me: I’m not surprised. Can you imagine trying to sell a lego movie to execs? That shit’s got to be a labor of love. I’m sure if I saw the Muppet Movie I’d probably enjoy it too.

… But a Transformer’s movie… I mean, yes, Megan Fox is hot, but she’s not four-bad-movies-hot.

M—: [She’s not in it]( In fact, I think [she wasn’t in three either](

Me: I guess that shows I didn’t see them. I did see the first one though.

M—: Yeah, the first one isn’t that bad.

Me: The reason they keep making Transformers sequels is to make the previous one look better. I’m sure if you watched Transformers 3, then you’d be like, “You know, Transformers 2 isn’t half bad.”

In other news, [Facebook buys WhatsApp for $19 billion](, so I guess that does put [$165 million sunk into Transfomers 4]( into perspective. We’ll have to wait four years for the gigantic write down on the MNA to really know what that perspective is. Fast forward four years. Think of how many Transformers sequels that could have funded? The world is that much poorer… that or we’ll need a bigger meteor. 🙂

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