Thinking bags

I love bags.

I guess it’s not that unusual. Now being a geek with no taste, I’m not very imaginative. But now that my camera is too big to fit in the bbp bags’s Biz bag (which replaced my Mamba booqbag whose strap I wore out at the stitching).

Because of this, it was pleasant to run across this on <a href="Timbuk2’s website:

Scott's bag

[Thinking about Timbuk2 after the jump.]

This is because I was this close to buying the Blogger over a year ago and because I remember Scott’s ringing endorsement six months ago. I love Scott’s reviews because he makes it both personal and practical at the same time, though it does remind me that the last time I took a picture of my equipment bag was two years (three cameras and four bags) ago!

sport photography kit (closed)

Sport photography kit (closed)
Riverstone Townhomes, Mountain View, California

Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX1
1/13 sec @ f/2.8, iso 200, 6mm (28mm)

sport photography kit (unpacked)

Sport photography kit (unpacked)
Riverstone Townhomes, Mountain View, California

Nikon D70, Nikkor 12-24 f/4G
1/20 sec @ f/4, iso 200, 12mm (18mm)


Why I didn’t get a Timbuk2

Back then the reason I passed up on the blogger was that in 2006, all the coloring and styles are the same. Since then, Timbuk2 has increased the colors and materials as well as varied them throughout the line.

I’m still worried a bit because, since it is a “laptop” class bag, the padding requires complex stitching that requires it be made in China. This means, it’s not available as a Bag in a Box.

Any suggestions?

Oh well, the Hacker is out because they haven’t updated the styling and the Blogger is out because it won’t fit my Nikon D3.

Any suggestions? 🙂

What I am purchasing today

I’ve run out of camera straps, so I’m going to try the Skooba Superbungie (messenger bag strap). The nice thing is I can get another 25% off because I found this coupon is still valid for a week.

Please share any experiences or bag tips and point me to your reviews you’ve blogged. I love reading about bags almost as much as buying them! 😉

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  1. I second what Sebastian said, but mine’s a Crumpler Royal Court. It comfortably fits my MBP, D300 (even with the 18-200 lens attached), two lenses, and the charger. Because it opens like Pac-Man, the camera is fairly easy to get to, and it leaves the main cavity of the backpack available for all of your stuff.

  2. For reference, I should mention that some of these “named” models are not sold in the U.S., the Pyjama Pride is one of them. In the U.S. I think the equivalent of these (laptop sleeve + photo in backpack style) is the Sinking Barge and Customary Barge.

    I have the Kata R-103 in that category. Excellent bag, if a tad heavy, with the added benefit that I can carry my tripod with it. It also used to fit my Apple Powerbook 17″ in a pinch (very tight fit, but it fit)!

  3. Here is a coupon code for bbp bags:

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  4. I’m someone’s R-rated language blogging idol 🙂

    He links Thom Hogan’s article on them.

    BTW, I also have another photo/laptop bag, a Naneu Pro Tango in olive, I haven’t mentioned yet. But Andrei has been borrowing it. It does messenger and over the shoulder style (though since it can only be worn one way, it can get uncomfortable. I’m going to replace the messenger strap with the Superbungie (in olive). 🙂

    The only rule I’ve found is I never carry more than one bag at a time (the AD&D gamer in me says that it violates encumberance rules). Unfortunately, this is why I have so many bags. 😉

  5. the timbuktu bags are ugly as shit and their logo is ridiculous.

    that said:

    my sister bought me a timbuktu laptop bag … almost … 4-5 years ago?

    it’s still going strong; it’s ridden many miles with me on my bike, bulging with a laptop and either clothing, groceries or beer.

    no tears or rips, except for the time I tried to shove a 17″ laptop in the 15″ built-in sleeve (they do make a 17″ model).

    it’s not the prettiest bag in the world, but it holds up better than any other bag i’ve owned.

  6. I have a Lowepro laptop backpack, and I love it. It’s black, which is the new black according to all the fashion magazines i read.

    Anyway, Lowepro makes a number of laptop/camera combinations, which are actually designed to carry a camera and a laptop.

  7. LowePro also has the best ergonomics at getting your camera in a flash, especially worth checking out are their FastPak series.

    The problem with many laptop backpack designs I have is simply that I can’t wear a backpack at geek events. It’s not a style thing, it’s a geek event, but simply a matter of bumping/backing into people in a crowded environment. In terms of hiking and sport activities, the reverse holds true.

    Both my bpp bag and my Naneu Pro have the advantage of being convertibles. The bpp bag is so low profile, I can even wear it in backpack mode, though my D3 won’t fit in it, wrapped. 🙁

  8. I got a Timbuk2 Underground backpack recently. The side pockets are generously sized and go all the way, and are not just wasted space as in too many other bags. I can fit a Gitzo Traveler tripod in one of them (zipped). The quality is not crumpler grade, but it’s comfortable and cheap. You can check them out at Sports Basement on Bryant St.

  9. I thought Lowepro also made some messenger style bags for reporters? Anyway, good point on the backpack. I have several bags, which I use for different purposes.

    I also have an older Timbuk2 bag that I use for traveling. It’s pretty large, convertible into a backpack, but what I particularly like about it is it has two padded compartments on top for glasses. I haven’t seen this feature in any other bag since.

    It’s interesting. When I bought the Lowepro backpack a couple of years ago I was looking for a new bag, I thought the idea of a vertical slung side bag would be good, but I couldn’t find anything like it. I’m glad they started making my idea, and I may have to go get one just for variety.

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