'tis me fav'rite day o the year

Like last year and the year before

Annual Talk Like A Pirate Day ecARRRRRRRRd

Text reads: Ahoy me mateys and buxom wenches!
The day ’tis ripe fer Talk Like A Pirate.
Ye be talkin’ like a pirate or ye be a scurvy bilge rat!
—The Dread Pirate Terry

I think the reason I love Pirate Day so much is that I had a horrible speech impediment in grade school where I couldn’t say my r’s (you can still hear it if you listen closely, but please don’t). Now I’m making up for it with some extra Arrrrrr’s. The infamous Meebo Pirate emoticon

[More pirate after the jump]

It’s hard to believe that just under four years ago, when I mentioned Pirate Day to my co-workers they hadn’t heard of it. Now they be better buccaneers than me, even to the point of spreading the Pirate Love over to other companies in the Valley and adding Talk Like A Pirate ecARRRRRRRds to my old Plaxo eCard site:

Talk Like A Pirate ecARRRRRRds have finally hit Plaxo

Where I’ll be today

RockYou! is hosting Lunch 2.0 on International Talk Like a Pirate Day!

I’ll be at the RockYou! Lunch 2.0 today so stop by and say “Arrrrrrr!” (I’ll be the guy with the camera in the Pirate jersey.)

Afterwards, you can go to the Million Booze March at Renkoo which is in the same area. The infamous Meebo Pirate emoticon

If you’re in the city, be sure to catch the Macy’s Passport Fashion Show Opening Night. It’s hosted by the Delicious Karma folks so I’m sure it’s going to be awesome. (If you somehow remember to dress decently enough to get into Slide’s post-party, be sure to say Ahoy! to Jonathan Abrams for me.) The infamous Meebo Pirate emoticon

Flickr Pirates

Andrei pointed out to me last night that Flickr’s explore page has been taken over by pirates today.

Pirates have taken over Flickr explore

Oh the banner takeover is nice on the top left, but I confess, I tried reloading my homepage like a hundred times hoping for the flickr greeting to say…

Ahoy tychay!

Now you know how to greet people in Pirate!

No such luck! Maybe next year.

Arrrr is the most important word in Pirate

Dave sent me this image from Threadless:

Very cool. I couldn’t find the ARRRRRRRRRLLL (URL) for the purchase site though. And Dave was too busy handling the Aaargc and **Aaaargv in his code to help.

Pirate reactions

Here is where I be a recordin’ various reactions to me ecARRRRRd!

That hook must make P mode very useful on the D200.

Didn’t ya know? The P mode on my camera be a standin’ for Pirate!

You are too cute!

The person that be sendin’ this to me be a saucy lass herself. I’ve seen many a salty sea dog sent to the depths by her siren’s song. Best be avoidin’ her today.

Terry that made me day seaheraties!!! Yoooohooooo!!! I sail of off to fine me me looty…

I be getting my booty from this person. She be a givin’ me a free T-Shirt at RockYou! today.

Arrr matey. Ye be throwin’ some good bashes of late. Keep up them free lunches. Ahoy, Silicon Valley!

Be ye sharin’ some victuals with me today at RockYou?

Very Nice Terrence. I hope things are going with Tagged. [Redacted] Very nice picture.

The redacted part be about impressment of more sailors for me ship!

hooray! i’d completely forgotten that was today, too 🙂

And I shall keep remindin’ ye until I reach Davey Jones Locker.


Yarrrrr! I be perfect!

Argh! I wish I had a photo, too! This one’s great, but then you have your own hook! Very impressive. Will you be at Lunch2.0 today?

Thanks for a great start to the day!

Actually I be photoshoppin’ the hook in post. If ye be tellin’ that ta any lubber I be keelhaulin’ ya.

Avast thar. I wouldn’t be missing it, fer the werld, nor a’ the treasure o’ Long John Silver, arr!

That be the spirit!

Terrry, Recently I had a chance to look at your photos on facebook! You are good!

No, we Pirates be bad, reprehensible folk.

Hahahahah this is awesome

That’d be “Har harrrr! This be awesome!” ya lubber!



You look really cool. Actually the text you wrote next to the picuture can be a good rap song. Give a try.

You mean the lubbers that be confusing booty with a wench’s poop deck? Ye be needing this dictionary?

Nice! San Mateo is too far…so I’ll have to miss out on today’s Lunch 2.0. BTW, I’ve never seen the pictures taken at Simplyhired. Have fun!

Aye. You and me both, lass.


Ye be referring to the destruction of me spyglass? Next year I’m be pasting a parrot on top of me shoulders.

ahoy! thanks much for the carrrrrd!

Ye be welcome! Arrrrrrr!

ARRGH-it be! Let’s do lunch sometime!

Aye aye! For me sister, anything! Even a pirate needs to honor family. We’ll go somewhere and see what crawls out of the bung hole.

Ahahahahahahahah!!!! NICE!

Ye be flying the Jolly Roger over your pod, me beauty, and ye not be rememberin’ how to say it in correct pirate speak? It’s: “Yaaaaarrrrr!!!!”

And a hearty “Yaaarrrr” to you, Cap’n!

This swab be knowin’ how ta say it.

Arrr! A fine hoiliday indeed! Though I still be mad at the loathsome Pirates for beating the Orioles back in ’79. ARRRR!

That be the last time the Pirates be in The Series. Ye be a scurvy dog fer remindin’ me. Arrrrrr(gh)!

arrr! that hook be shiny!

Better to tear apart the lubbers with, me hearty!

Terry, you’re too, too cool and lovable!

Wait until you be gettin’ the stuffed Firefox (Red Panda) this pirate hornswaggl’d from Mozilla 24. Now that be cool and lovable—much like yer fav’rite pirate (a.k.a. yer brother-in-law). Arrrrr!

Just looking at facebook and noticed that I had originally contacted you about [redacted] $75 million [redacted]. I can say that this is a very friendly technical software team.

Shiver me timbers! Who wants to work for this, when I c’n be plunderin’ the Seven Seas! Har Harrrrrr!

And finally…

Pirate day ecard

Ye found me vulnerability! The Dread Pirate Terry has a weakness for cute tykes! But my little runt’s first werds will be “ARRRRRRRRRRRR!”

(No speech th’rpy fer little pirate Terrys. :-D)

Hope your Talk Like a Pirate Day is as fun as mine is! Thanks fer being a part of me crew! Arrrrr! The infamous Meebo Pirate emoticon

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