LAMP/Server Engineer in downtown SF

From Stuart Liroff (stuart [at] this address or 408-437-9500 x207):

I’m working for a small (3-people), angel funded startup in downtown S.F. (within easy walking distance from BART). When you hear the names of the investors, it will knock your socks off.

[job description after the jump]

LAMP/Server Engineer

“Strong Developer”


  • Make systems redundant, scalable, high performance
  • Willing and able to work in many areas of the software
  • Participate in product definition phases and provide timely
    input on implementation requirements and time estimates
  • Creation of proof-of-concepts / prototypes
  • Architecture, design, documentation
  • Coordinate with other developers working on adjacent functional areas
  • Delivery of deployment-quality code and unit tests

Functional Requirements

  • Experience scaling web applications to millions of users
  • Passionate about delivering high-quality, rock-solid software
  • BS/MS in Computer Science or related field

4 thoughts on “LAMP/Server Engineer in downtown SF

  1. Personally, when the only non-vague requirement is “BS/MS in Computer Science or related field”, my socks stay on 🙂

    I’ve never seen lack of a CS-related degree decrease anyone’s contribution, all other parameters being equal. Smart companies looks for passion, personality and experience.

  2. @Adam: The first part of the post was directed to me. I replied that with my standard spiel: I know lots of people but I don’t know who is looking, if the job is PHP related, I’ll post it on my blog if you give me the reqs.

    @NY: That’s pretty common and why it’s put at the bottom. Ours adds something like “from a top 25 university” or something like that. It’s just a first pass filter/discouragement, not a be-all end-all exception. It comes down to what do you think would be a better filter:

    * BS/MS in CS or related field


    * Zend Certified

    I’d do the former because there are a lot of good PHP developers who aren’t Zend Certified not to mention good developers who could be PHP developers.

    ( BTW, I’m not BS/MS in CS or related field. 😀 )

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