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After the SXSWi party, a random mention of my blog caused a discussion of how—as evidenced by the popularity of shows such as The Big Bang Theory and Chuck, not to mention 21 which will be airing at SXSW this year—geeks are now “chic.”

Worst part about geeks being chic?
Right index finger gets tired from clicking “bury” on Digg.

Best part about geeks being chic?
Don’t have to change.

Worst part of the next generation growing up in geek chic?
Trauma-free angst == emo. (Hate Paul Graham all you want, the guy speaks from experience, I’ll miss that.)

Best part of the next generation growing up in geek chic?
Less body odor.

Geek girlz > *

Geek girlz > *
Citizen Space, South of Market, San Francisco, California

Leica M8, Cosina-Voigtländer NOKTON 35mm F1.2 Aspherical
1/16sec, iso 320, 35mm (47mm)

Okay, the gradual change in guy-girl ratio at tech events is also a plus.

9 thoughts on “Nerd cool

  1. Terry, I’ve noticed an increase in the number of “girl” photos lately. Are you trying to drive up traffic or what?! 🙂

  2. @John. Yes. My Feedburner “reach” jumped from 15 to 50 with the last few posts. 🙂

    If my cameras weren’t broken I’d be getting some pretty insane traffic right now.

  3. The only problem with geek-chic is that now geeks have to be, well, chic. The only emo geeks from the next generation will be the ‘cool’ ones. A little techy, but still stylish and well spoken. What about the rest of us, eh?

    BTW that is an adorable photo.

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