Samplings from friday night

There is no way I can roll with the hip Asian lingo…

G—: Damn, you drop two hunna on a Boss shirt and you wear shoes like that?

G—: Fuck you. I’m half black. I’m black from the waist down, bitch.

(After Q— gets bounced trying to enter a strip club)
G—: C’mon, let’s got to C—.
H—: I don’t want no “numbers and call tomorrow.” I just want titties in my fucking face.
G— (to Q—): How many times we gone out? Who the hell doesn’t carry an I.D. with them?
Q—: I got my I.D. right here. (strokes beard)
G—: You just look like a fat fifteen-year-old with a goatee. Fuck, now I’m going to have to pay to get your ass into C—.

Me. Sometimes a little out of place…

…other times a lot.

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