If you live in The Richmond, you know that B*Star Bar is like eating at Burma Superstar but without the line.

Breakfast plate with pork tocino, garlic fried rice topped with two eggs cooked over easy. Spoon in foreground
Pork Tocino with Garlic Fried Rice
B*Star Bar, The Richmond, San Francisco, California, United States

Sony DSC-RX1
0.013 sec (1/80) @ f/4.5, iso400, 35 mm

My favorite brunch dish there is the Pork Tocino. Grilled jerk pork over a bed of garlic fried rice and cherry tomatoes, topped with scallions and balsamic vinegar.

Since Marie loves their Huevos Racheros, I end up ordering this dish a lot. The only times I don’t is when we bring a guest, then I suggest they get it and I order something else.

This was also an opportunity to test out the new flickr plugin I’ve been writing. Here is the entire code to include the above image, including the caption:

[caption align="aligncenter" width="500"]
[fmlmedia flickr_id="16695878556" size="Medium"][/fmlmedia]
[fmldata template="terry_photo_format" flickr_id="16695878556" _venue="B*Star Bar, The Richmond" _FOCAL_LENGTH_35="" _LENS=""]

(You’ll need this patch to the caption shortcode to be able to include shortcodes in caption text.)

Notice that unlike open embed, the image generated has a proper title tag, an accessible alt tag, is responsive and retina-aware. It also works as a WordPress featured image with css-cropping and auto-captioning so I don’t violate Flickr’s Community Guidelines, yet remain tasteful. 😉

I added built-in variable override into my hacky-template language and am using that to hide some of the lens information that is redundant with the camera body.

I’ll need to update the template to auto-place the neighborhood name, but at least the language is robust enough to generate google maps images:


[fmldata template="google_static_map" flickr_id="16695878556"]

Now if I can modify GistPress to automatically put out gists. 💡

(WordPress core team: the new emoji smilies in WordPress 4.2 are great 😎 —much better than my routine.)

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