PHP (and mac) pinup

I was catching up on some of my newsreading when I ran across this article, with the quote:

Is this quote for real?

I thought I’d make it into this desktop image as a shout-out to all you (male) PHP devs out there. (There was an old PHP image I saw about five years ago sort of like this…those of you who remember, know what I’m talking about.)

(Passing thought: this person has been a PHP developer longer than me.)

[Commentary after the jump.]

Note to Macenstein

Please, please, please spend ten seconds in Photoshop. When I opened up your desktop image to put the quote up, it looked like this:

I know nothing about nudes (we’d have to ask Ed Finker who will have to forgive me for this article mentioning Suicide Girls), but if you have any appreciate for the female form, you should at least soften the skin and reduce the specular reflection from the flash before posting your images. Even reduced to these thumbnail images, you can see what I mean. If it were my photo, I’d also have spent some time retouching it. (Buy this book!)

Note to digg

If you wonder why your readership is almost entirely male maybe you need to make it so articles like this don’t appear on the front page all the time.

Self-selection and all that.

Thanks for the quote though—add another thing to bash down Ruby devs with.

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