Ed Finkler agrees with me

From Pro PHP Podcast:

Q: What do you think are the three largest failings of PHP and Security?

“I agree with some things that Terry Chay has said about this: that the things that tend to make PHP insecure also tend to be the things that make PHP easy to work with.”
Ed Finkler, PHP Security Expert, CERIAS

Thanks Ed. 🙂

Listen to the podcast. It’s a realistic assessment of the state of security in PHP.

[Some comments after the jump.]

Favorite quote:

“If web developer doesn’t understand common security issues they shouldn’t be considered developers…[Web appications] essentially are dealing with data that someone is inputting there. As a developer of web applications, you are stewards of that data.”
Ed Finkler, PHP Security Expert, CERIAS

Ed also mentions asking security questions in interviews (which I do). Perhaps I’ll talk about some of them in a future blog entry.

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