From my aunt’s e-mail thread.

I think it is a picture of Francis in his school uniform. I’m sending the front of the picture and the back that has something written in Korean.

Francis front.jpg

Francis Back.jpg

I might have been the 4th grade in Kyungi Middle-High school before leaving for the school on May 14 morning of year 1952?.
The house next to me is where we took our refuge in Busan, Korea for about 3 years before the end of the Korean War. Our mom found it out with her ingenuity.

Our single room (where four of us, ma & my 3 siblings) took refugee at a upstairs bedroom, from where I could look the street where I was standing. It is located at a street (부용동?) across the Kyungsang Namdo Do-Chong (headquarter of the Kyungsang Namdo Province). The house used to be a drinking place, although it wasn’t when we moved in. But at night I couldn’t even sleep because of the noise by drunkards singing Karoke songs from neighboring drinking places.

Please note that when he says 4th grade, I think he means Korean equivalent of a grade in middle school. [Form IV or a Junior in High School].

I bet they were awesome karaoke songs!! Maybe you should’ve joined in Uncle Francis! YOLO.

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