Gizmodo had a funny article which pointed to something I had missed. That an Onion parody article on a 5-bladed Gillette in response to Schick came true late last year.

[razor blade models and college stories after the jump]

The take is all very funny and I can’t quite remember what razor I have. I remember I had a Gillette Sensor in college and bought a different one when I had trouble finding blades for it a couple years ago. I think the one I have now is the Mach3 Turbo(?). In the past I have bought a huge stack of blades when I get a razor and I just coast until I run out. Luckily, I don’t have to shave every day—go Korean genes! 🙂

Looking at where habits come from…

I thought about why I buy a blades from Costco in bulk and I think it comes from my friend Tal, who when the Sensor first launched stockpiled on blades.

The Gillette Sensor

(The Sensor was introduced by putting the blades on these metal springs to give you a “closer shave.” It’s either that or they integrated the mirror into the razor holder. Or perhaps it is both? It is amusing to think that this sort of thing passes for high-technology in the razor blade industry, but I digress.)

When Gillette introduced it, they sent a bunch of free razors out to people. I believe one of them may have come in my yearly dorm kit at Caltech. Tal figured the first batch that came with the razors would be much sharper than future batches in order to hook them in.

Even if I don’t believe that Gillette really does this, I think that’s a great idea (in the evil sense). I mean then you can revise the line in a couple of years and make the blades sharp again and people trying out the new model would “upgrade” again, none-the-wiser. Well, whatever.

Another college story

I remember one of my friends at the time named Jay was teased for not having to shave very often. He’d often say, “Well fuck you. At least I’ll have a full head of hair in 30 years when you are buying Rogaine,” or some such.

Jay had a certain way about him.

I believe once, when he wanted to break up with his girlfriend at the time, he took her to McDonald’s for Valentine’s Day.

The razor blade model

In any case, it looks like in a year or two I’ll run out of either shaving cream or blades. And I am now wondering how I got into this mess. Why the heck am I shaving with a razor?

It started one summer when I was in college when the cleaning person thought my Norelco was trash and threw it out. (I lovingly kept the Norelco and charger next to the sink in a brown paper bag.) And now I have to deal with buying razor and blades every half decade.

And also, what do the hell do they put in that shaving cream? It must be something really bad for you because when it leaks out and touches the can, it melts the paint on it. No shit!

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