Mouths Wide Shut

It’s been a while since I’ve shared some stories about growing up.

Halle writes about talking too much. It’s funny because I think the last time I had dinner with her, we talked too much about just that—how we both talk too much.

I talk so much that people have to remind me to finish eating. Heck, it’s probably why I’m so thin—my mouth is always open, but nothing is coming in.

Pownce Launch Party

Pownce Launch Party by magerleagues

The chewing gum in my mouth is the closest I can come to Freud’s “oral fixation” theory of talking.


There is a remote possibility that some of you don’t believe this. Recently, someone told Flackette: “That Terry, he isn’t very chatty is he?” 😀

I attribute this to the fact that I’m an extreme introvert, and this kicks in in social settings sometimes.

In case some of you disbelieve…

Near the end of third grade, I went to W—’s house after school, taking a different bus. A wall in the cafeteria of our elementary school would have bus numbers hanging from them, and we’d all wait in line under our respective buses. I passed the time that day talking to our classmate, S—, who took the same bus as W—. Since she was a girl, I had never really talked to her during the previous three years.

By the time we boarded the bus, she said, “I never met someone who talks so much. I have a rabbit muzzle at home. I’m going to bring it to school tomorrow and put it on you!

The last time I saw S— was when I was in Carnegie Library researching a biology paper for my freshman year in high school. I was waiting for the copy machine on the second floor, when I heard “Terry Chay?” and turned around to see her. I think her last words to me were, “You never stopped talking.”

With details like that, you must believe me now. 😀

At the conference

At the conference by derickrethans

At Dutch PHP conference.

How much do I like to talk?

Well, besides conferences, I still open my mouth now and again…

One of my mom’s favorite stories is when I was three years old and adults would asked me what things I liked to do, I’d tell them my favorite hobby was “talking.”

S— was right. I never did stop talking.

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