Identity 2.0

Identity 2.0

Identity 2.0, uploaded by tychay.

Joseph mentioned that Dick Hardt has posted his excellent Identity 2.0 presentation he gave as OSCON.

This is a great presentation with a excellent use of Lawrence Lessig simplicity combined with some of the new text effects in Keynote to emphasize it.

It is very easy to get the repetition/refrain that Dick uses for effect using Keynote. You simply put all the slides in an outline under the first slide of the string. Then option-drag the slide to the points in the talk you need it.

If he had more time, he could have used to new auto-build feature of Keynote to transition the slides automatically. But then again, it was somewhat amusing to see him tap away.

Lots of great ideas worthy of theft. 🙂

I promise to post my talk soon. I need bandwidth. I’m not rich like Dick.

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