Jon Stewart Emmy Speech

Dru pointed me to an excellent Jon Stewart presentation of an award at the Emmy’s.

It’s quintessential Daily Show. He definitely wouldn’t have gotten away with this on CBS two years ago.

Another interesting thing is to see that the liberal blog linked got the video from a right-wing blog. It’s amusing to note that the amount of peer pressue that accompanies the vitriol in these right wing blogs—Ad hominems have more weight than logic, and if you aren’t a hard to the right you are barraged with threats of excommunication.

I wonder what will happen now that it is no longer “in” to be an idiotic right winger? Looks like we’re getting as fed up with this as we were with Political Correctness.

(The quality of the video sucks shit because it is transcoded from Windows Media. Some people have no pride in their piracy.)

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