Via Karenism:

Holly, you created a monster.

(Twitter: blogged before twat.)

3 thoughts on “#firsttweet

  1. Haha thats funny…yeah I just joined about a month ago…twitter is ok but why is it sometimes shut down because of “too many” tweets? Aren’t their systems built to be scalable?

    Where are they making money…do they need to expand their server infrastructure?

    BTW add me to your blog roll and I love your blog I read it every other day keep it up =)

  2. @Chris: Yes. Bad because I had found that exploit and I was going to do a nefarious prank. Until later when I friended you and saw that tweet and realized you found the same security hole. It made me really regret this moment 🙂

    @Rashaud Teague: after a lot of architecture rewrites, one wonders why the FAIL. Still, they’re popular and it is their site down message is the inspiration of a yearly FAIL WHALE party in San Francisco, so how can I complain?

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