Social newsfeeds make relationships so much easier

A cute feed item

Definitely the most fun feed item. It’s like live daytime soaps.

First, Yahoo! Mash is up. It used to be called Yahoo! Mosh, but since Nokia has a beta product called Mosh, they changed it.

Surprisingly they kept “Pulse” which is direct conflict with Plaxo Pulse.

Go figure.

Speaking of Pulse, feeds, and other things… [after the jump]

Here is a recent IM conversation.

M—: Hey, Mark Jen got engaged! 😀

Me: Yes, I noticed.
Me: I saw it last night on my feed when I went to tag peeps on Facebook, after I wrote the blog entry last night.

M—: Oh really? 🙂 I just got it on a Plaxo Pulse… Handy stuff!

Me: It’s probably on your Facebook feed also.
Me: Hmm, I noticed via the feed that a girl that one of my friends is crushing on is single. So I’d have to say… very handy.


So congratulations Mark and Rose! As for the breakup? I guess that’s to restore balance in The Force. (Though one wonders if the unnamed girl will be getting a lot of…umm…pokes? now.)

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