The Bat Cowl


Overheard S— talking today. Here are some snippets:

“You know how you see a girl with a hat and sunglasses on, and you think, ‘She’s pretty hot.’ Then she takes it off and she goes from pretty to ugly in like that! “That happened to me today, and I realize that’s why nobody knows who Batman is. From now on I’m calling it the ‘Bat Cowl.’

“Yeah, yeah. [the girls] know that the hat and sunglass thing is totally cute—that’s why they do it. But if [a guy] makes a judgement based on the Bat Cowl, he’s basically judging her based on her chin: ‘Excuse me, you have a pretty chin. Can you take off your sunglasses and hat?’”

Good thing I wasn’t drinking anything at the time. I’d have had coke up my nose.

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