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I was just thinking about how microbrews and other drinks try to come up with clever brand names. How come nobody has called theirs whupass beer? The beauty is instead of bottling it, it’d be most popular in can form.

Think about it: “Pass me a can of whupass.” “Don’t make me open this can of whupass.”

If anyone ever comes out with this, remember you heard it here first. (I’d like a six-pack in lieu of the rights.)
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Living without Nikon (in stock)

More evidence that Nikon is at full tilt. It basically says that their Thailand superfactory (which I alluded to earlier) is going at full tilt.

One interesting thing to note is that IDC is placing Nikon at about half the sales of Canon in the global digital SLR market. I find this hard to believe. Together they comprise 80% of all digital SLR sales, which sounds realistic.
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Keynote makes a movie

I’m finally starting to gear up for my two OSCON talks. This is why I found this article about how Al Gore used Keynote to create his movie interesting.


As many of you know, I love this program. I had Caitlin experiment with using this program to make her website, which is sort of like the way Al Gore used it in the movie. I actually think that maybe Keynote will make a good storyboarding device.
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10 ways

10 ways

Chris just sent to the list The interact 10 ways website from Getty Images.. The one he mentioned was sumona’s “information” page which generates an infinite photomosaic.

Getty is using it to promote some new media ideas for their stock photography. (I shudder to think how much some of the infinite photomosaic would cost if you actually had to purchase the rights from Getty of those images.)

If you like photography and want to pass the time, take a look at some of these.
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Copying vs. stealing

Another person copies Caitlin.

It hurts me too.

She and I spent days creating a set of core values which drive the copy that she puts on her website. There are many compromises and issues that come with creating your own company, and without a moral compass, it becomes easy to make bad decisions that might not be evident why they are wrong until it is too late.

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Buffett and the estate tax

There was some discussion via e-mail about Warren Buffett’s recent donation to the William and Melinda Gates foundation. I don’t want to concentrate on that, except to state the inevitability of a man like him donating money on the sure-bet charity created by one of his favorite bridge buddies. Oh yeah, before we go all Nora Ephron on Buffett and Gates, how come nobody has mentioned the Walton family? Certainly the poster family of what I want to talk about:

“It a very equitable tax. It’s in keeping with the idea of equality of opportunity in this country, not giving incredible head starts to certain people who were very selective about the womb from which they emerged.”
—Warren Buffett, on the estate tax

As is widely known but was denied by some, Warren Buffet comes down again on the side of keeping the estate tax. Continue reading