Photoshop CS3 Beta

Sent this to some of my friends two weeks ago…

I don’t know if I remembered to mention this but Adobe CS3 is in public beta. It requires your Adobe CS2 authentication to use past two days.

One big thing is that this version is native on Intel Macintoshes. According to the latest benchmarks it now runs slightly faster in the Mac OS X operating system than on Windows (same hardware).

Here is an article on some of the new features. One big one for us photographers is the new way of doing black and whites.

Due to a quirk of the breakup, I’m going to have to spring the full retail price of this sucker when it comes out in January. Ouch!

3 thoughts on “Photoshop CS3 Beta

  1. The CS3 beta is so easily hacked that you can consider it a publically offered free Photoshop. I have a valid serial, so I’m free of ethical issues on this. 😉

  2. Thanks for the tip. 🙂

    I have a valid serial also for CS2, but it’s my company’s. I also own CS, but it turns out I bought it on EDU discount via Caitlin. I don’t know where my old Photoshop 3 + upgrades serials are.

    $1000 isn’t too much to pay. I hate the DHD Adobe and Macromedia use though.

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