Catching up on some of my RSS newsfeed, I see that Hoya will buy out Pentax to create Hoya Pentax HD Corporation.

I think this makes a lot of sense, Tokina (a Hoya trademark) already markets Pentax-designed lenses for the Nikon F-mount and Canon EOS-mount. My next lens purchase is going to be a Pentax-designed Tokina.

Most of us think of Hoya as a company that makes really nice filters at a reasonable price. But they also are the Hoya, Kenko, Voigtlander and Slik brand names. If my eyeglasses lenses are any indicator, Hoya is a huge optics company.

With the backing of this giant and the introduction of the K-100D and K-10D, who else thinks Pentax will soon claim the #3 camera spot from Olympus?

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