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The middle

“When the President wants to dismantle our Constitutional system of checks and balances, what’s the moderate position? To dismantle HALF the system?”
—pericles, a comment on ”The Radical Middle”

…it is not that the “middle” has been forsaken. It is that the vast majority of the American public has been forsaken, left, right and middle…We are all held hostage to system institutionalized bribery of the worst sort…”
—MSheppard, a comment on ”The Radical Middle”

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More white lens madness

“The problem solved by a white lens casing is exactly the one you mock. A black lens heats up at a different rate from the lens elements and other mechanical parts. There are little motors in there, and plastic and rubber parts that can melt. White adds longevity. Every long lens worth owning is a pale color for this reason.

Tamron made a ‘cammo’ color 300mm. It’s still pale green.”
—commenter on a previous blog entry

I understand where he is coming from but my mocking is the purpose of this blog: it is designed to make you think about the reason for things and to back it up with facts. Continue reading