A strategy against terrah

“There are no quick fixes when you are fighting an ideology. Like communism before it, I suspect Islamic fundamentalism will only be defeated through a slow war of attrition. Ideologies must die out, they cannot be killed.
—Anonymous Liberal, “Strange Burden Shifting

A scathing indictment on a false choice that the only options on the War on Terror are military or nothing at all.

HDR photography hits mainstream

The New York Times has a wonderful summary article of High Dynamic Range photography.

(I have a strong suspicion that the article is heavily influenced by discussion on the HDR Flickr group.)

This was a little serendipitous because I had a discussion at lunch where I heard the tired old line that “nothing new is in Photoshop since x came out” and I pointed out some of the features in CS2, of which HDR support was one of them.

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PHP Sucks

Chris notes that Theo has posted his Six Reasons PHP Sucks PHP Lightning Talk.

My favorite part:

Reason # 4: User comments on the online documentation.
Allows PHP to expose what are perhaps the worst most dysfunctional and retarded code samples.

Reason #5: PEAR.
Allows PHP to expose what are perhaps the worst most dysfunctional and retarded code…
…in an easily downloadable/installable format

If you aren’t laughing, you haven’t used PHP.
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Chris Shiflett @ OSCON '06

Chris Shiflett has written a nice recap of OSCON in which he mentions one of my talks. Thanks! Chris, when I post my talk, I’ll have to use your quote:

“…one of the most entertaining talks of the conference!”
—Chris Shiflett, author of Essential PHP Security

In any case, someone needs to write a review of Chris’s OSCON talks. I nominate myself for this difficult task.
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Funny lens review

Here is a camera review where I lifted this summary from PhotographyBLOG.

“Bottom line, the Canon 24-105mm f/4 L is a really excellent optic, but one that struggles a bit along the edges and in the corners with full-frame bodies. As such, it’s an almost ideal candidate for use with DxO Optics Pro, particularly if you’re shooting with a full-frame dSLR.”

Translation: “This lens sucks for its intended market.”
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