Quick PHP caching

I received a question today:

I have some quick caching questions. What is the quickest way to get data into a PHP script? I have some data, I could store it in a database, but I want to avoid that dependency and slow down. I want PHP to compile the file into some data that it can access easily in the script’s name space. Periodically (every 1-2 mins) the system will check the modified time on the file, if it is different, it will reload the data.

The data is not large.

Speaking of caching, what is the best script system for caching these days APC?

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Compact Flash madness

With two cameras now, I needed a third memory card. Now I have a Lexar Professional 133x 4GB CF card to complement my other two: a 2GB SanDisk Extreme and a 1GB SanDisk Extreme III.

With the announcement of the SanDisk Extreme IV I realized the whole deal has gotten quite confusing to the average photographer, and there are more of us every day.

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stem cell fun

“…just as I am in favor of mandatory abortions (and, of course, recreational abortions), I am in favor of mandatory embryo harvesting. Actually, that doesn’t go far enough I want to create embryos, develop them in a lab, wait until they become fully-formed 14-year-olds (which they absolutely, positively will do in the lab), then steal their organs to give to gay people as wedding presents.”
—SeesThroughIt, commenter on Balloon Juice

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