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More white lens madness

“The problem solved by a white lens casing is exactly the one you mock. A black lens heats up at a different rate from the lens elements and other mechanical parts. There are little motors in there, and plastic and rubber parts that can melt. White adds longevity. Every long lens worth owning is a pale color for this reason.

Tamron made a ‘cammo’ color 300mm. It’s still pale green.”
—commenter on a previous blog entry

I understand where he is coming from but my mocking is the purpose of this blog: it is designed to make you think about the reason for things and to back it up with facts. Continue reading

Solve sudoku

Mark Frauenfelder inadvertantly shows his egotism and stupidity.

I clicked on the linked article expecting to learn something. What a mistake! This is the sort of methodology anyone who has completed the simplest puzzle has stumbled upon. This strategy doesn’t even solve any puzzle that is halfway interesting…assuming you find sudoku halfway interesting, which I don’t (because I’m bad at logic puzzles).

Solve this! (without even thinking)
Solve this! (without even thinking)

Is there a better way to scream, “I’m a moron!” then to link that instructable article and add a comparison to solitaire: an entirely different game since not all solitaires are winnable and there is no single strategy to winning determined by logic alone. Hmm, Mark, maybe you find this stuff “boring” because you don’t know how to solve them. Let’s face it, the only reason you held crossword puzzles up on a pedestal is because Sundance told you to. Why don’t you join Cory and switch to Ubuntu. You’ve become exactly the sort of egotistical latte-sipping Gen-X dickhead that you rail against. Continue reading


I was just thinking about how microbrews and other drinks try to come up with clever brand names. How come nobody has called theirs whupass beer? The beauty is instead of bottling it, it’d be most popular in can form.

Think about it: “Pass me a can of whupass.” “Don’t make me open this can of whupass.”

If anyone ever comes out with this, remember you heard it here first. (I’d like a six-pack in lieu of the rights.)
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