Adam Tow: Mac, mobile and photography


I met Adam Tow only once, briefly at the Apple Store Palo Alto opening in 2001. He was on the roof next door taking photos of it.

From what little I know about him, he has three obsessions: Macs, mobile devices and photography. That gives him a special star in my book. So it should come as no surprise that he announced Annoture which allows round-tripping between Aperture and iView Media Pro.

The last time I tried iView Media Pro was in 2001, so this won’t help me. But a number of you who didn’t resort to my filesystem-and-pray approach to organizing images that I’ve used for the last five years can appreciate the ability to import/export your iView Media Pro databases.

One day in October 2001, Dave called me to go hiking in the mountains near Palo Alto. We decided to have lunch when he mentioned that he heard that Apple was opening one of those new “Apple Stores” in the bay area. We decided to go, but the crowds were too long and I took a couple photos (included this one of Adam on the roof) and decided to have lunch instead of wait.

Luckily when we got out of Jupiter’s the line was nearly gone and I got to go inside that day (and pick up a T-Shirt). Unluckily, my old Olympus C-2500L has a crappy zoom and the evaluative metering couldn’t handle it the photo I took of Adam.

There are some things Aperture can’t fix.

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