Someone left an interesting one word comment on a photo I took:

First jeans

First jeans
Valley Fair Shopping Center, Santa Clara, California

Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX1
1/8 sec @ f/2.8, iso 400, 6mm (28mm)

The word was “kawaii.” (可愛さ)Continue reading

Political popcorn

There has been some funding movement among the Democratic part.

You can read about it on The Next Hurrah or on the Swing State Project. Please remember these are sites slightly biased toward the Democratic Party, so it sounds a lot better than it is.

Translation: The Republicans are on full retreat and are cutting their losses to consolidate their funds to do damage control. However, the movement that is occurring is in the Senate, not the House. This is relevant because the odds are very, very low that the Democratic party will regain the Senate (Democrats need to win almost all the contested races) but around 50-50 that they can regain the House at this point. They need to regain at least one to have any referendum on the Bush “America as an Empire/we create our own reality” doctrine.Continue reading


I lost all my photos today.

The net result is I lost about one and a half months of photos permanently (around 1000 images), about six months of originals that haven’t been burned yet to disk, lost days of work, and shot up my entire backup regiment.

I’m also one crash/corruption from losing everything.Continue reading

Torture and civilization

“Ensuring torture is totally banned under American law is a touchstone issue that defines our very civilization, to include its continued embrace of Englightenment values, a belief in progress in the face of adversity, and ensuring that our most odious enemies are not successful in having us sully our human rights leadership, one so hard earned through the Cold War.”
—Greg Djerejian, Neoconservative, “Has Waterboarding been banned?