Chris Shiflett @ OSCON '06

Chris Shiflett has written a nice recap of OSCON in which he mentions one of my talks. Thanks! Chris, when I post my talk, I’ll have to use your quote:

“…one of the most entertaining talks of the conference!”
—Chris Shiflett, author of Essential PHP Security

In any case, someone needs to write a review of Chris’s OSCON talks. I nominate myself for this difficult task.
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Funny lens review

Here is a camera review where I lifted this summary from PhotographyBLOG.

“Bottom line, the Canon 24-105mm f/4 L is a really excellent optic, but one that struggles a bit along the edges and in the corners with full-frame bodies. As such, it’s an almost ideal candidate for use with DxO Optics Pro, particularly if you’re shooting with a full-frame dSLR.”

Translation: “This lens sucks for its intended market.”
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Quick PHP caching

I received a question today:

I have some quick caching questions. What is the quickest way to get data into a PHP script? I have some data, I could store it in a database, but I want to avoid that dependency and slow down. I want PHP to compile the file into some data that it can access easily in the script’s name space. Periodically (every 1-2 mins) the system will check the modified time on the file, if it is different, it will reload the data.

The data is not large.

Speaking of caching, what is the best script system for caching these days APC?

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