I have to go listen to some emo

Three new holiday Get A Mac Ads.

C++ GUI Programming = classic. And to think, until this, I didn’t know what Emo was.

Not having cable does that to you. I guess not much has changed since my D&D days. I’m still as out of touch as ever. 🙂

More D&D love.

Also, in light of the last post, I’ll mention that Target has three new holiday ads also. While these ads aren’t so great, Target did create one of my favorite campaigns of all time last year.

(Their “Design For All: Anthem” commercial was the best but I can’t find it anymore. Anyone know where it is? There was an original Flash site that went with that URL, but they took it down, along with the commercial. 🙁 Here is a <a href="taste of the campaign. The one I’m thinking of is the one with the song “Say Something New” by The Concretes.)

4 thoughts on “I have to go listen to some emo

  1. That “Meant for Work” ad is actually funny. Apple has wised up and let John Hodgman (the PC) do most of the talking now. Justin Long just made people want to throw a G4 Cube at any Mac user in their sight. Their ads still aren’t nearly as funny as the ones they’ve inspired users to make like this one: http://youtube.com/watch?v=6irAfABLsT0.

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