The Bat Cowl


Overheard S— talking today. Here are some snippets:

“You know how you see a girl with a hat and sunglasses on, and you think, ‘She’s pretty hot.’ Then she takes it off and she goes from pretty to ugly in like that! “That happened to me today, and I realize that’s why nobody knows who Batman is. From now on I’m calling it the ‘Bat Cowl.’

“Yeah, yeah. [the girls] know that the hat and sunglass thing is totally cute—that’s why they do it. But if [a guy] makes a judgement based on the Bat Cowl, he’s basically judging her based on her chin: ‘Excuse me, you have a pretty chin. Can you take off your sunglasses and hat?’”

Good thing I wasn’t drinking anything at the time. I’d have had coke up my nose.

2007-06-14 My ten seconds at WWDC

A friend of a friend hooked me up with a WWDC pass. Shhh… The real reason I went there was to meet a friend, but he had to miss out that day because of bugs and a release. (I won’t name names, but you suck!)

Unfortunately, I was too tired from driving back from Lunch 2.0 and errands to make it there for much of it. Actually, I caught exactly 5 seconds of the last talk’s Q&A on Dojo Toolkit. It’s probably for the best since Alex doesn’t need to hear me rant about Dojo for the hundredth time. My host scored me a free pass to the Apple Bash after the event just before they went off to dinner and I had to head the other direction to sflickr.

As I was passing Yerba Buena Gardens, an Apple Person In Black saw my bash band and said, “Right this to the Bash, sir.”

“Thank you. But no thank you, I’m skipping the party.”

My ten seconds at WWDC (2007-0048 12)
My ten seconds at WWDC
SOMA, San Francisco, California

Nikon D200, Tokina AT-X PRO 16-50mm f/2.8 DX
1/160sec @ f/4.5, iso100, 17mm (25mm)

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I just like hearing my name

As I told Ed Finker,

“Newbie, did I forget to tell you he just likes it when people say his name?”
—Dr. Cox, Scrubs Season 5

Unfortunately, Ed didn’t oblige me like he did last time. But luckily for me, Sean and Paul did. :-)

With Cal’s PHP Abstract now on the air, the busy developer may be wondering which they should listen to. It’s simple, if you have to choose, I’ve been mentioned three times on Pro::PHP Podcast and not once on PHP Abstract.

Verdict: I recommend Pro::PHP Podcast :-D

terry chay
terry chay” by kbconference

This is me at ZendCon. You”ll notice that I have the lens on my D200 that the two are talking about. (Fire engine red… gotta love Canon.)

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Calling *professionals* who use Facebook

Inspired by Holly’s post, I was hoping you could help a friend out from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, the only cool paper in Pittsburgh ;-)

Can you speak to the changing demographic on Facebook — is that indeed the case? Are you seeing a changing demographic — why would the biz crowd be attracted to the Facebook? I’m looking for established professionals who use the tool for whatever reason — except keeping up with their college-age kid. People who’ve been turned on to the site since it went public.

Can you help me today before 3pm EST?

Please Contact Cori: cshropshire[at]post-gazette[dot]com


Wedding Videos? I can’t help

For the eighth time(!), someone has managed to contact me out of the blue though random Googling about C—. My flickr photos seem to be the largest single culprit and the fact that I’m pretty free with my own contact information doesn’t help matters.

If it is about weddings. I can’t help you. I broke up with C— eleven months ago. I know less than almost anyone else what is going on with her. Continue reading

Samplings from friday night

There is no way I can roll with the hip Asian lingo…

G—: Damn, you drop two hunna on a Boss shirt and you wear shoes like that?

G—: Fuck you. I’m half black. I’m black from the waist down, bitch.

(After Q— gets bounced trying to enter a strip club)
G—: C’mon, let’s got to C—.
H—: I don’t want no “numbers and call tomorrow.” I just want titties in my fucking face.
G— (to Q—): How many times we gone out? Who the hell doesn’t carry an I.D. with them?
Q—: I got my I.D. right here. (strokes beard)
G—: You just look like a fat fifteen-year-old with a goatee. Fuck, now I’m going to have to pay to get your ass into C—.

Me. Sometimes a little out of place…

…other times a lot.

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The Wedding Lens Song

Haven’t blogged on photography in a while. Sorry

On [2006/12/31 6:48PM], I sat on an article that I started months before. Good thing! because it would have been embarassing to blog on something I wouldn’t get until six months later!

Back then, Boris speculated on what my next lens was going to be.

Here is the answer:

Ahh, new lens
Ahh, New Lens
Tagged, Financial District, San Francisco, California

Nikon D200, Tokina AT-X 165 PRO DX (16-50mm f/2.8)
1/15sec @ f/2.8, iso 1250, 50mm (75mm)

Can you believe I haven’t bought any photo equipment in half a year?

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Ethan’s Baptism and Party

Mother and son
Mother and son
St. Joseph Parish, Mountain View, California

Nikon D200, Nikkor 18-200mm f/3.5-.56G VR
1/60sec @ f/5.3, iso 3200, 120mm (180mm)


Dave invited me to his son’s baptism. I put on a shirt and tie and drove down to South Bay.

I showed up early, had to drop off some stuff at Goodwill, and ended up loitering outside the church messing with Google WiFi. By the time I figured out that all the other people there were doing this weird makeshift flea market thing and everyone else was already inside, mass had already started!

Afterward, it turned out Mark was moving to San Francisco, so I went to the party for a short while and booked it back to SOMA to help him move.

That meant a couple more people got to see me working the shirt and tie…Ahh, East Coast strikes again.

(Mark and Rose bought me dinner at Koh Samui and The Monkey in SOMA.)

Have we reached “Peak Ruby”?


The Terry Chay peak theory, also known as peak ruby, is a not-so-influential theory concerning the long-term popularity of software languages. It predicted that future popularity in Ruby will reach a peak sometime in the year 2007 and then decline. Some observers believe that because of the high dependence of the language on hype, the impending post-peak scalability problems and possible resulting severe migration to another language du jour as the next panacea. (citation needed)

A conversation (that mostly happened):

D—: You killed Ruby! You bastard!

Ruby TIOBE stats by itself

Me: I didn’t start the fire! :-D Yeah, that one-month dip was a big deal in the Ruby community.

D—: They got bent out of shape over the tiobe stats? It was a one-month statistical glitch. They don’t know what a stat is.
D—: On that channel9 link, Replace Ruby with Java. It’s the same thing. “I’m sorry, you just used the wrong JVM. Why not use IBM’s.”

Me: No, you just don’t understand the psychology of Ruby people.

D—: I don’t.

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You tell that other boy, not to touch the woodwork