Hurrah, we're Klingons again!

“Gotta say, it’s kind of breathtaking what Bush has done to you, the awakening is something to behold!.”
—rafaelh, “Well, Of Course.”

The slow transformation of political blogger, John Cole, from a Bush supporting Republican to “Noam Chomsky” really is that. In the linked article, he points out the “settling in for a longer term confrontation with China.”

I think we need to remember how the early Bush administration kept playing cat-and-mouse with the Chinese airspace until an accident happened.

It was pretty obvious then that the idea wasn’t to start a war, the idea was to scare us enough to provide funding on the completely useless national missile defense system. And then, five months later, 9/11 happened and they got their missile defense system budget anyway.

I always found it interesting how the Klingons in Star Trek the original series were the Yellow Peril, then they became the Soviets. I was hoping they’d be the Arabs this time, but it looks like they’re back to being the Chinese again.

I can’t wait. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Hurrah, we're Klingons again!

  1. Aw man, now I have to learn Klingon. I was just starting to have fun with HTML5. Now I know why Leonard Nimoy’s voice on the Star Trek movie clip gave me the goose bumps. Maybe, if I’m really lucky, I’ll get a supporting role as one of the Trade Federation in Star Wars then I can just talk in excruciatingly bad pidgin English instead. It’s tough being so perilous.

  2. @Jon Tan: Yeah, not a fan of being the Trade Federation. If they’re going to make us the bad guys, might as well make us bad ass…like Darth Maul and shit.

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